Sunday, January 10, 2010

Third Pass - Super Doubles at HT

Made a third pass today using cpns from today's paper - spent $22, saved $29. Here are some deals!

Wolfgang Puck soups - There's a $1 off 1 coupon today that will double and the soups are BOGO. Originally 2.99, so if you only buy 1 (and it rings at half price) then your soup is FREE!

Wolfgang Stock is also on sale for 2.55 and there's a $1 off coupon today which makes it 55 cents.

Soup at Hand (Campbell's) is on sale for 1.77 - cpn for $1 off 2 makes them 77 cents each.

Bic Soleil razors are orig. 6.49, but on sale for 4.99 plus there was a BOGO coupon today.

PLUS, I'm in an Oikos yogurt loop with the HT checkout. When I got my free Chobani yogurt, a $1 off Oikos yogurt coupon printed. Then when I used that coupon today to get a free Oikos yogurt, the checkout computer printed another Oikos $1 off coupon. I wonder if I go back tomorrow if I will get another Oikos coupon and continue the free greek yogurt kick...

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