Monday, November 30, 2009

A few new coupons

Here's a neat site for target coupons: Target Coupon Generator

Here's a 30% off coupon for a variety of stores including Nine West, Easy Spirit, and Jones New York

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

Yesterday, we purchased a "faux" Christmas tree 20% off at Home Depot. I say "faux" because that sounds fancier than "fake tree" or "plastic tree with plastic berries on it." We finally decided, after years of finding dry pine needles in the most random of places in March and enjoying the beauty of our tree while struggling to breathe and puffing our inhalers, that we needed a Faux Fabulous Fraser Fir. D was dismayed about not having that "real tree smell" in the house, but I assured him that there are also cans of "faux" tree smell that can be purchased that give (almost) the same effect. Plus, they're aerosol cans so they are almost as bad for the environment as cutting down millions of real trees - thus, the spirit of commercialized Christmas will remain intact.

In all seriousness though, Christmas is my favorite time of year. K is finally old enough (19 months) to be interested in Christmas, so I'm pretty excited to get things started. Santa is "dee da" to her and "snowman" is "awden." She can say "no" for snow and she can say man, but the combination is a toughie. It makes deciphering what she wants more fun though, like the other day when she repeatedly yelled "peacock!" at me for 10 minutes before I realized she was saying mailbox. She's napping at the moment, but we'll be trimming the "tee" (tree) with "omets" (ornaments) when she wakes up.

I hope you all enjoy being with your families this holiday season, whether your "tee" be real or faux fabulous. Since Christmas presents are all taken care of now, next up in holiday deals - Christmas cards and portraits. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 28, 2009 - Awesome!

New link - this site rocks - really well organized, easy to find things you're looking for!

Super Saturday and Cyber Monday

Just in case I didn't get enough of a shopping fix yesterday, I went out again this morning for Saturday doorbusters. I was sad that today was the only day this weekend I didn't get a newspaper - Saturday sale papers were delivered yesterday though. So, here's where I went and what I got.

JC Penney - amazing coat sale. I replaced my old and ratty grey peacoat with a new and fabulous St. John's bay cashmere-blend peacoat. Originally $200, got it for $49 during the doorbusters. I also got a quilted brown jacket originally $120 for $34. Lots of shirts and PJs were also at least half off.

Stride Rite - they're having their BOGO half off sale. K loves her pink sneakers from there and wears them every single day. So I got them in the next two sizes - Originally $47 a pair, on sale for $24.99, so I got both pairs for $40 plus a free "snack trap" cup.

Gymboree - The clothes are expensive here so normally I don't shop here unless I can get something very cheap in the sale section. However, today they were having 25% off sales on already discounted items - and these weren't just the clearance items, some were from the gingerbread line which is new this season. Plus I had 20% off coupon I got in the mail. I essentially got $147 of clothes for K for a little over $50 including two fancy jumpers, two body suit turtlenecks, two pairs of tights, a cute corduroy shirt, and a hat. Gymboree gives out free gift boxes, which seems rare nowadays - often stores make you pay for them! I also got $25 worth of "gymbucks" to use at a future date.

I was hoping to blog about this earlier this morning so you guys could go take advantage, but keep in mind that many stores are carrying sales through tomorrow.

Of course Monday is Cyber Monday, so many online retailers will have sales and free shipping deals. is having Black Friday week all week, so you can jump on there right now and check out some of their "lightning" deals - these are limited quantity items offered up every half hour or so. You can look ahead to see what is coming up and when so you can pounce on a deeply discounted item when it comes time. Remember to look for coupon codes at Retailmenot and

Just a tip - for time limited online deals, it's a good idea to make sure you already have an account set up with the website in advance. It will be easier to get through the checkout that way, especially if you have a credit card already on file.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Aftermath - Black Friday

I have a confession to make. I was unable to roll out of bed early enough to hit the major doorbuster sales. :-( However, I did get to Kohl's a little before 8am and got most of my Christmas shopping done there. While I was pushing my extremely overloaded and tiny cart around the beauty section (a cart that I waited 20 minutes for while holding a very big heavy box), a nice woman gave me a 15% off everything coupon that she wasn't using which got me an additional $76 off my order. All told, my receipt says I saved $830 and I got an additional $80 in "Kohl's Cash" to spend next week. Talk about some great deals! I also spent about $75 and saved $120 at Old Navy, and bought a bunch of dog toys at Petsmart for half off. FYI, Toys R Us at 1:30pm looked like a tornado had blown through and none of the sale items were left. Not that I wasn't expecting it, but if I had been planning to buy a lot of toys it probably would've been worth standing in line for the midnight opening.

How bad did it get today? I interviewed a few people about their experiences for lack of better things to do while standing in line with my shopping buddy, E. The checkout women at Old Navy, Brittany and Diamond, had been there since 4am (Old Navy opened at 3am). They were told that the lines started around 1am, and when they got there, the lines were already all the way to the back of the store. People were pushing and shoving, and one kid threw up in line. Why people would wake their child up to be at Old Navy at 3am, none of us could figure out. Diamond was also wondering why people were there that early when the same sales were being offered all weekend (no real early bird specials other than the Lego Rockband game to the first 50 customers). Another reporter was the woman who was waiting for my cart as I was checking out at Kohl's - she had been at Walmart at 5am when the early bird deals started. She ended up waiting in line for 2 and a half hours to check out. She got a really cheap HDTV though, so she was stoked.

In the end, I was glad I hadn't gotten up mega early. I got the things I wanted anyway, and a few extras I hadn't planned on. I'm not sure the $3 toaster at Target would have been worth it to me. I've learned my lesson for next year though:

  • definitely shop with at least one friend - standing in line for a long time is much more fun that way.
  • Do NOT drink coffee before shopping. Having to pee while standing with a gigantic cart full of stuff is not fun unless you have someone to keep a close eye on it for you. Which brings me to...
  • Keep a close eye on your cart. I got the last two digital picture frames and you wouldn't believe how many sneaky folks were ready to pounce on them if I turned my back for a second.
  • Be polite when attempting to cross through the check out line to get to another part of the store. If people think you are cutting in line, they might take you DOWN.
  • Bring coupons. I didn't know there was a Kohl's 15% off coupon out there, which was surprising to me since I usually know where all the coupons are. Kohl's is the one store for which I'm not actually on their mailing list for special deals (ok, there's probably more than one store). I now have a separate gmail account just for stores and special deals. Playskool also has a bunch of printable toy coupons on, and there's one for $5 off a Star Wars toy floating around out there. Keep in mind, some items might be excluded from your store coupon use, but the manufacturer's ones should work.
  • Use hand sanitizer. Nuf said. Ew.
  • I might consider bringing my own stroller next year to use as a cart even though I didn't bring my kid. It was a pain waiting for a cart.
  • Remember where you parked. People will stalk you for your spot even if it's out in East Jibib, so walking up and down the parking aisles looking for your car can be annoying when 3 SUVs are following you at a creeping pace.
  • Go with a budget in mind and give yourself a few dollars leeway. It is so easy to get carried away and want to buy things for yourself! I'm not saying you shouldn't, but remember the purpose here is to save money. If you blow your budget, you may have some cute stuff, but you won't be saving as much as you'd like.
  • Keep the ENDING times in mind - you may not get there at 4am, but keep in mind that certain doorbuster/early bird prices are only good until noon or 1pm. After that, the deals may be gone.
  • You can really only go to two to four different stores during the early bird time period, so choose wisely. Remember that you will spend time finding your item, fighting tooth and nail for it, and then waiting in line while attempting to scare off any cutters (no backsies!) - the waiting in line and driving between stores alone could take you an hour.
  • Bring water and a snack and keep it in the car. You'll need it!
  • Plan your driving route carefully - 15-501 was a mess today at 1pm. Take back roads if you think it will be crowded.
  • Have fun! When else do you get to go on this kind of shopping spree and be home in time for leftover turkey and stuffing?
If you have a special deal you got this weekend, please post it here!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Plans for Black Friday Shopping

I was giddy running down the driveway in my jammy pants this morning to get the paper with all the sales in it. Many of the sales I had seen online already, but it was cool to physically sort through the sale papers and pick which ones to keep and which ones to let K shred.

I think my top contenders for shopping tomorrow are Kohls (opening at 4am), Target (opening at 5am), Old Navy (opens at 3am??? I will probably not make that one until later in the morning), and Babies R Us, though I'm not sure what time they're opening. I know Toys R Us opens at midnight (seriously??). I won't post what I'm buying right now because people I'm buying for read this blog! But hopefully it will warm your holiday heart that so much time, effort, willpower, and probably sheer physical force went into purchasing your gifts!

I have a potential partner for tomorrow, though when she hears what time I'm going out, she may decline the invitation. Anyone else in this area willing to brave it with me? Just let me know.

Store opening times for Friday:

  • Midnight - Toys R US
  • 3am - Old Navy
  • 4am - Kohls, hh gregg, JC Penney, Sears, and Belk
  • 5am - Macy's, Best Buy (be warned, they will be handing out tickets to the people in line before the store opens so they are the first to buy things), AC Moore, Home Depot, Target, Sam's Club, Dick's, CompUSA (5am) Walmart will also start deals at 5am
  • 530am - Radio Shack
  • 6am - all the local malls , Lowe's home improvement, Michaels, Office depot, Staples, Game Stop, Wolf Camera, Bed Bath and Beyond, JoAnn Fabrics
  • 7am - BJs, Kmart, Nordstrom, Office Max, Ulta beauty, World Market (free stuff to early folks)
  • 8am - Dillards, Saks, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning (the store - it's by Ashley Furniture and Toys R Us),
  • 9am - Costco
If you are going here are some tips I've found from various sources:
  • Have a list of what you want to buy and where you want to buy it. Prioritize by most important items and most likely to sell out items. Plan which store you will go to first based on your list.
  • Be okay with not getting an item - lots of stores will have limited quantities of the most popular or deeply discounted items.
  • Go with a team or at least a friend. There a limits on the number of certain items you can buy per person, so if you need two of a certain digital camera and the store will only let you purchase one per person, your buddy can get your second one. You can also split up to get the most desired items once you hit the store. Have a charged cell phone handy.
  • Just park. Don't drive around looking for a great spot. Wear sneakers and suck it up. This is retail war, people.
  • Keep your gift receipts and regular receipts in a special envelope so you don't lose them. Don't leave them in the bag in case things get stolen. Keep your car locked and your purchases stashed away for the same reason.
  • Don't wear bulky stuff or bring bulky purses, just bring your wallet in a zip pocket in your coat or a purse you can strap across your body. Despite what some random emails you might get from people say, you can not get decapitated by your purse strap if someone tries to snag it. You may get dragged a little, but I think we all expect that on Black Friday.
  • Bring a big bag to store all your little bags
  • Bring your own coffee for waiting in outside lines and a few granola bars - you probably won't have time to stop to eat stuff. After you've finished your shopping, you can always stop at Starbucks or for some lunch to tell war stories and enjoy the spoils.
  • Have a sense of humor and be patient and forgiving - as Sue Stock said, the gift of giving does not come with bail money - don't be that woman on the evening news attacking someone over a sweater. This is Thanksgiving, not Slapsgiving.
Anyway, happy turkey and happy shopping. I'll be reporting from the trenches.

- Li

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Coupons

I'm exhausted tonight, but at some point in the next 24 hours I will need to plan my Black Friday shopping plan. Retail me not has some special Black Friday coupons and deals on their site:


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Harris Teeter this week 11/21/09

This week I was dismayed when I saw my total amount ($168.94), even though I knew I was stocking up on a bunch of things I don't usually buy week to week like tissues and baby wipes. But then I was told that I saved $103. 48 and the manager had to come over and key in some override code since I saved over $100. The checkout lady (who was much like Kristen Wigg's Target Lady on SNL with her advice and questions) said it was the highest she had seen yet today. After that I felt much better!

Anyway, here are some of the best deals from today:

  • Tropicana 50 -orig. 3.49 this is the 50% less sugar variety so I think it has some kind of stevia in it - anyway it's the eVIC special this week so eVIC price is $1.77 (pay no attention to the sign next to it) - the coupon was in 11/15 Red Plum for $1 off - now I didn't realize it was for $1 off 2 until I went to check out, but they gave it to me anyway, making my OJ 77 cents. Otherwise you'll have to buy 2 - you can only get 1 at the eVIC price, the other is at the VIC price of $2.50. Also - keep in mind that occasionally they'll let you use a coupon that is for a specific variety of a brand item for another variety. I didn't try this with this coupon, but you could :-) If so, let me know how it goes.
  • Caribou Coffee (D is a coffee snob and this is the only coffee sold in the grocery store he'll drink. Snooty McSnooterson - love you hun!) Anyway - orig. 9.99 per 12oz bag. sale price 6.99. coupons for $2 off in 9/13 and 11/1 Red Plum - final price $4.99 per bag. Or there are some online printables (check for $1 off.
  • Kix cereal - orig. 2.99, sale price $2 - printable coupon for 75 cents off doubles to 1.50 making final price 50 cents
  • Honey Nut Cheerios - orig. 3.59, sale price $2 - printable coupon for 55 cents off doubles to $1.10 - final price 90 cents - or you could use the 50 cents off two general mills cereals in the 11/8 smart source and get two boxes at $1.50 each
  • Green Giant Specialty canned corn (like southwest style or chipotle) - orig. 1.45 per can, sale price is $1 - coupon for 40 cents off two in 11/15 general mills insert doubles to 80 cents - final price for 2 is $1.20 (or 60 cents each)
  • Frenchs Taste Topper Onions (you know, on top of the green bean casserole?) - orig. 3.99 per can, sale price 3.49 - coupon in 11/8 smart source for 50 cents off doubles to $1 - final price 2.49
  • Triscuits - orig. 3.55 per box - BOGO makes them $1.77 each (if you buy one, it rings up as half price). Coupon in 11/8 smart source for $1 off Nabisco crackers makes them 77 cents. Or there are a couple printables out there for 50 cents off two, doubles to $1, make them $1.28 per box for 2
  • Scotties facial tissues - orig. $1.69 per box, BOGO makes them 84 cents each plus there are multiple coupons - dates are 10/25, 8/9, 9/13, 11/15 all in the Red Plum circulars for 50 cents off 3 - doubles to $1 off 3. The math is a bit tricky, but overall it comes out to final price of 51 cents per box for the reg or aloe varieties.
  • Ziploc containters - orig. 3.49, BOGO makes price for one 1.75 - coupon in 11/15 smart source is for 1.50 off two. Final price for 2 $1.99 or $1 each pack
  • Pillsbury Crescent rolls - orig. 2.09, sale price 1.67 - there a bunch of online printables for these but also multiple coupons from the smart source circulars on the following dates: 9/13, 10/4, 10/25, 11/8 and 11/15 for either 50 cents off two or 25 cents off 1. The final price with doubling of coupon is 2.34 for 2 or 1.17 each - these are nice to have around to add last minute to a meal
  • Plumrose bacon - orig. 3.99 pkg., sale price 2.47 - there have been some $1 off fresh pork coupons hanging out in the meat section lately and I've snagged a bunch, so I used these for two packages today. final price was $1.47 each. They were out of the pork coupons today though and so am I so that may be the last of my cheap pork deals.
Some non-coupon deals
  • Coca Cola fridge packs are BOGO (usually 5.99 each so about $3 each now)
  • Green Giant Veggies are BOGO ( Usually 75 cents each so they are about 37 cents each right now)
  • HT black beans 67 cents
  • Ripe mangos orig. 1.59 each - sale makes them 75 cents each
  • bunch broccoli (K's favorite!) - only 99 cents
  • Thomas's bages BOGO orig 3.99 so $1.99 each
  • Top Care brand allergy meds are typically 22.99 for 45 ct. on sale 14.49
There are other deals to be had, but this is what I've got for you today. Keep in mind that the holidays are coming up so if you're entertaining or bringing food to something, it's a good idea to stock up on the things you'll need now.

Also, my HT on University in Durham had Eggo Waffles. They don't usually, there's been a sign up that they've been out for a while, so I bought some even though they were not on sale (gasp!) for the nostalgia of it. I bought the family pack though which is a little cheaper due to buying in bulk. If you haven't heard, there have been production issues with Eggos and they may not be back on the shelves for a very long time.

I'm planning to check out Target this week too - I have target coupons that came in the mail and some manufacturer's coupons to match up with it, like $1 off Ore Ida Mashed Potatoes target coupon AND $1 off the same product manufacturer's coupon. You CAN double these up! There are some others as well, but I'll let you know when I use them.

I'll be posting again regarding my Black Friday plans as I make them. It's less than a week away now! Time to get on to create a plan of attack!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free Shipping Day - December 17th

I thought this was a cool offer - buy from these retailers online on December 17th, you get free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve - it doesn't look like they are done adding retailers yet either, so there could be even more by next month! Keep in mind though that a lot of retailers are giving free shipping to orders over a certain amount anyway, but if you like to procrastinate, this could be helpful.

Don't toss that junk mail!

Tis the season to get junk mail. But not so junky junk mail, it turns out. A lot of the mail we've gotten the last few days (flyers, catalogs, etc.) have included some pretty great coupons! Barnes and Noble with various % off online coupons and free shipping on orders $10 or more, 20% off Ann Taylor Loft, and even a Brookstone catalog with some high value coupons on the back. So make recycling your New Year's resolution but keep the junk until you figure out which deals you'd like to hang on to!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harris Teeter this week - sorry so late!

I didn't go food shopping this weekend . I know, I know. I sent D and K to do it for me while I had lunch and went to a movie ($1.50 theatre) with my good friend. By the way, the Time Traveler's Wife was really good. If you liked the book, they were true to it.

D did a good job! I gave him a list and stack of coupons, and he saved $49 dollars. The Turkey Sale is over, but there are still a few good deals this week:

Bertolli tomato sauce (our favorite) - orig. 2.89 - BOGO makes it $1.44 - coupon from this weekend was 60 cents which doubles to $1.20. - final price 24 cents. Can't beat that!

Wolfgang Puck Organic soups - orig. $2.99 per can - sale price $2 - coupons for $1 off in - final price $1 per can.

Comtrex cold and cough - orig. $5.69 - BOGO makes the price $2.84 coupon is for $3 off in - final price FREE!

Oscar Meyer Bacon - orig. 5.49 - BOGO makes the price $2.85 - coupon from this weekend is 75 cents off which doubles to $1.50 - final price $1. 35

Thomas's English Muffins - no coupon here, but this is the lowest price you'll see on these at HT. Usual sale is 2 for $5, but right now it's a BOGO making them $2 each. I freeze the light ones - then I microwave them for 20 seconds and pop them in the toaster. 8 grams of fiber per muffin and only 80 calories! Great with a little peanut butter.

HT Bluberry waffles are on sale for $1.37 (normally $2. 39)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Entertainment Book for 2010 is on sale

If you had the Entertainment book from 2009, you may (or may not) know that most of the restaurant coupons expired 11/1. A bunch of the retail ones are still good until the end of the year though. The new 2010 book is out and on sale, $7 off today only (supposedly) and free shipping!

Entertainment Book 2010

Newly found coupon portal! Lots of coupons for a whole bunch of retailers

I found this website when searching for printable target coupons. There are links to so many different retailers on here! I will add a link to the left.

Printable coupons at

Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic savings this weekend

There's a 30% off friends and family coupon out for this weekend for the Gap chain stores (including Old Navy and Banana Republic). Print it and use it as much as often as you like until the end of the day tomorrow. Combined with Old Navy's sales, you can get some great prices on clothes for lots of people.

Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic coupon - expires 11/15

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rebates: Are they worth it? Balancing Savings and Convenience

One savings strategy I have yet to try are rebates. Of course it makes sense to get a rebate on high price items if they are offered. But what about the lower price ones like at drugstores?

According to Sue Stock, at Rite Aid this week you can get an Oral B Crossaction toothbrush for free with rebate (usually $2.99). If you use the Nov. 1 coupon for $1 off, you can make a buck on it. Sounds great - free money right? I don't mind getting paid to shop. But then I think, is the time it would take to find the coupon and mail in the rebate worth making $1? $1 an hour is a pretty poor pay rate for any job. Even if we take into account the $2.99 we save on the toothbrush, $4 an hour isn't great either.... If we take it a little further though and say it would only take 30 minutes to do this since you have the coupon clipped already and will stop by Rite Aid on the way home from work, it might not be an hour. More like 30 minutes. Then you're being paid $4 for a half hour. At least that's crossing the minimum wage line.

So my point is this, saving money does take time and planning. And the more you do it, the easier and faster it is. I don't spend several hours planning my grocery shopping anymore because with practice I've increased my ability to plan faster and shop faster. Since I work full time, I mostly plan in the evening when K is in bed and D is watching football. Maybe if I included the drugstores and other stores in my planning I would save more, but would it be worth the time? This is why I'm pretty much a one store shopper when it comes to groceries - I may be able to save more on some items by shopping at multiple grocery stores in the same week.

Please feel free to comment here about savings vs. convenience. I know I have cut about 40% (sometimes more) of my grocery budget, which is worth the time to me. Would taking it to the next level save me more and be worth the time in the long run?

"How to Buy Things for Free" at drugstores, clothing stores, and more

Ok, I know I've already posted several things today (TGIF!) but this one I thought was really good. Another one from Wallet Pop (a site I link to on this blog, see links on the left).

How to Buy Things for Free - Wallet Pop

It goes through savings at many other types of stores other than supermarkets like drugstores, clothing stores, superstores like Target and Walmart, and supercenters like BJs, Costco, and Sam's Club. I have yet to really venture into these arenas except for getting my $25 gift card with my new prescriptions at CVS. But it definitely seems like you can get some great deals. Old Navy is definitely putting some great ones out there this season. Many of the online stores are going to start doing more free shipping deals as the holidays approach as well.

Traveling Abroad? Some new low prices - wish I were in London!

I came across this article revealing that JetBlue is teaming up with Luftansa to provide some low cost international fares. There's a one-week sale going on including one way tix from JFK to Barcelona for $250 and Boston to London for $299. This is not the cheapest I've ever seen, but probably the cheapest in the past 5 years. I have no idea about baggage charges, food charges, or other fees though. If you're thinking Europe for the holidays or this spring though, you may find some good deals! Not sure if I can clip enough coupons to make up for the trip right now though, so if you go, take lots of great pictures for me!

Jet Blue and Luftansa Team Up

Even More Black Friday Deals....

I'm going to need to spend a few hours planning the Christmas shopping spree I think - here's yet another link for your research:

Wallet Pop - Black Friday Deals

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some more potential Black Friday (or earlier) deals

Check these out!

Some good technology deals may be coming your way. As I find things, I'll let you know about them!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2009

Walmart is starting with "pre-Black Friday" deals including a $20 turkey dinner that could be a fabulous deal for thanksgiving!

but here is a great website to get the heads up about actual Black Friday deals this year. Are you willing to get up at 4am? I'm thinking of doing it this year - ok, maybe 5am...or later...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More triples fun!

Today, spent $28, saved $47.98.

Pomeian Vinegar - orig. $2.75 (sale $2) - printable 50 cent coupon - final price 50 cents

Burleson Honey (small) - orig. 3.99 (sale 3.29) - printable 55 cent coupon - final price $1.64

Welch's grape juice - orig. 4.79 (sale 3.99) - 75 cent coupons in the 8/16 and 9/13 smart source - final price $1.74

Colgate 360 toothbrush - orig. 3.99 (sale 2.50) - 75 cent coupon in 10-25 smart source- final price 25 cents

Bridgeford bread dough - orig. 2.99 (sale 2.50) - 55 cent printable coupon - final price 85 cents - you can use this on for Monkeybread too but the price is higher

Born Free eggs - orig. 2.99 (sale 2.50) - 35 cent coupon in 10/4 red plum - final price $1.45

Swanson canned chicken - orig. 2.35 per can (sale $1.79) - 75 cents off 2 cans in 9/13 and 10/25 smart source - final price $1.33 for 2 (66 cents each can)

Cascade 75 oz dishwaster detergent - orig. 5.49 (sale 3.99) - 50 cents off coupon in 11/1 P&G Brand Saver - final price $2.49

Ziploc sandwich bags - orig. 2.65 - 40 cent off coupon in 9/13 smart source - final price $1.45

Mazola cooking spray - on sale 2 for $3 - 50 cent coupon 10/4 smart source - final price FREE! - I didn't actually get this deal because they were out of the item.

Not a triple, but Dannon Yogurt is 10 for $4 - there was a $1 off 10 coupon in 9/13 and 10/25 smart source - final price, 10 for $3 or 30 cents each

I also had some coupons from previous HT visits that turned out to be good deals - You won't have these though unless you bought these items previously and they printed out at check out.

Dole fruit cups - orig. 2.65 (sale $2) - 75 cents off 2 coupon - final price $1.75 for 2 (about 87 cents each)

Special K Crackers - orig. 3.57 (sale 3.19) 75 cents off coupon (there may have been a printable one of these too) - final price 94 cents

A woman in the store today said she thinks they jacked up the prices during triples because Walmart has cheaper condensed soup (something like 64 cents usually and at HT it was 2 for $3 (unless you got the BOGO ones, then 75 cents) - I said that it is probably true that Walmart has cheaper base prices (heck, Kroger does, by a few cents, for most items, and some things I buy like Yo Baby yogurt and Tyson Chicken Nuggets are cheaper at Target) - but they don't typically double coupons up to 99 cents and they don't do triples or super doubles. So if you're looking for an unusual deal, HT is the place. If you're looking to shop on a normal week with no coupons, it IS probably better to go to another store. I thought the HT base prices this week looked pretty typical to me, don't know what you all think.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Starbucks Rewards Program

Here's the link:

If you're a regular, you can actually get some good perks. If not, at least you get a free drink on your birthday!

Also, last month I got a special Target coupon at checkout for BOGO on lattes at their in store Starbucks. My mother-in-law and I used it to get Pumpkin Spice ones...mmmm. They also had some cards for free iTunes downloads (no one I'd heard of, but who doesn't like new music?) - be on the lookout for special holiday deals and post them here!

This Week's Food Deals - Harris Teeter - Triples!

I finally made it to HT this week for triple coupons. Of course, if you don't go early in the morning on the first day they tend to be out of a lot of things, but I did pretty well anyway. This is my first trip through - I'm hoping to do some more this weekend.

As a caveat, I didn't just buy the things I had coupons for - I also bought things we needed for the week like milk, bread, meat, veggies, etc. I always look for the best deals on these things too - I buy meat in bulk when it's a good sale and freeze it and I plan what veggies to eat based on what's on sale. Harris Teeter bread is, in fact, as it is advertised to be: Soft and Delicious. In any case, I did spend about $72 dollars today and saved $80.64 - but you do not HAVE to spend that much during triple coupons if you don't want to. If you're doing the $75 per week to get the $50 in gift cards promotion, you'll need to spend at least 75 unless it's an off week for you (you have to spend $75 16 out of 18 weeks).

Triples warnings/fine print: you can only triple up to 20 coupons per day. They will still take additional coupons, but beyond 20 they will not triple. And if you go back later that day, they will only double, not triple. Printable coupons that say "do not double or triple" almost always DO double or triple. Get your printables at and others (see links to the left). You may need to download a special driver for your printer in order to print them up. Make sure your printer is on when you print them. You can usually print up to two copies per coupon. BOGO items almost always ring at half price, so you don't need to buy two if you only have a coupon for 1. If your coupon specifies that you have to buy 2 (or more) to get the discount, you have to buy that many.

So, without further ado - here are some deals:

Kix cereal - orig. 2.99 - printable 75 cent coupon at - triples to 2.25 - final price, 74 cents.

Betty Crocker Warm Delights - orig. 1.89 - 50 cent coupons in the 9/13 and 10/4 smart source plus multiple printables so you can get a bunch of these (yum!) - triple to $1.50 - final price 49 cents each

Special K Granola Bars - orig. 3.19 - on sale 2 for $5 ($2.50 each) - printable coupons for 75 cents off Chocolate Pretzel variety - triples to $2.25 - final price 25 cents

Mueller's pasta (spagetti and elbow mac mainly) - orig. 1.50 per box on sale 5 for $5 ($1 each) - 55 cents for 2 coupon in the 10/4 smart source - triples to $1.65 - final price 35 cents for 2 (17 cents-ish for one)

Skippy Peanut butter 40 oz. - orig. 5.99 (BOGO - 2.99 for 1) - 40 cent coupon in 10/4 Red Plum - triples to $1.20 - final price $1.79

Jif Peanut Butter 28 oz. - orig. 4.39 (sale $3.49) 55 cent coupon in 10/11 Red Plum for Omega 3 variety, but I used it today for the "natural" variety and it worked fine - triples to $1.65 - final price $1.84

Wacky Mac spiral pasta - orig. $1.55 - printable 75 cent coupons triple to $2.25 - FREE!

Starkist Tuna Salad packet - orig. 1.99 - 75 cent coupon in 9/20 Red Plum - triples to $2.25 - FREE!

Bumble Bee Tuna pouch - orig. $1.99 - sale $1.79 - 55 cent coupon in 9/13 smart source -triples to $1.65 - final price 14 cents

Campbells condensed soup - cream of mushroom and cream of chicken - orig. $1.50 per can - sale 75 cents per can - 40 cents off 2 coupon in the 9/13 smart source - triples to $1.20 for 2 - final price 30 cents for 2 (15 cents each) Great for slow cooker recipes!

Carnation Evaporated Milk - orig 1.38 - sale $1 each - 50 cents off 2 coupon 9/27 smart source and 11/1 red plum - triples to $1.50 off two - final price 50 cents for 2 (25 cents each) - you can get these at Kroger for free this week if you do the buy 10 things, save $5 promotion, but that promo ends at close of business Saturday. Great for pumpkin pie!

Rhodes frozen rolls 12 ct - orig. 2.19 - sale $1.79 - printable 75 cent coupons make these FREE!

Smithfield Bacon - orig. 4.99 - sale 2 for $6 ($3 each) - 55 cent coupon in 10/25 smart source - triples to $1.65 - final price $1.35

Tonys Cripy Pizza - orig. 1.49, sale 1.17 - 50 cent coupons in 10/4 and 10/18 smart source make these FREE!

Kozy Shack pudding - orig. 3.19 - BOGO - sale for 1 is $1.60 - coupon 35 cents off in 10/4 smart source - final price 55 cents

General Foods International Coffee 100 cal pack cappuchinos - orig. 2.39 - 75 cent coupon in 10/4 smart source - triples to $2.25 - final price 14 cents

Other good deals this week:

eVIC special is 5lb bag of sugar for 99 cents

Coca Cola 24 pack cans BOGO

Pork Tenderloin BOGO - plus there are still $1 off pork coupons available in the meat section

Meal of the Week - HT brands OJ, Bacon, Bagels, Soft Cream Cheese, and Southern Style Hash Browns (I find it weird that there are no eggs included in this deal, but whatever) - You can use the $1 off pork coupons toward this bacon too.

FYI - do not try to use the $1 off pork coupon in addition to the 55 cents off smithfield bacon coupon - you can't use two coupons on the same item (not that I tried this or anything...) ;-)

Happy clipping everyone - I'll update more if I get shopping again this weekend!


Monday, November 2, 2009

HT Triple Coupons this Wednesday 11/4 - Happy Birthday to me!

Ok y'all - this is from Sue Stock, the official heads up. Triple coupons return at Harris Teeter this Wednesday, which also happens to be my birthday (Happy Birthday to me!)

So Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! I may take the morning off...



Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kroger Deals this Week!!! Free toothpaste!

Ok, I know what you're saying. "WHAT? What about Harris Teeter??" Yes, I've already been there this week :-) But there are some phenomenal deals at Kroger right now worth checking out. I spent $31 and saved $66, plus I got a few items free! So here's the deal:

There's a promotion - if you buy 10 participating items, you get $5 back on your purchase. This is the case no matter how many sets of 10 you buy. So, for example, tonight I bought 30 participating items, so I got $15 back on the order. Not all the participating items are in the circular, so you may want to check out the database to find out which items have coupons AND are participating in the promo. You can also get a list in the store near the produce in the form of a "shopping list" - ask at the customer service desk if you can't find it. It may take some creativity to get the sets of 10 items and the best deals. Here's what I got:

2 bottles - All laundry detergent (99 cents each) - the sale/promo makes it $2.99 for the 26 to 32 loads bottle (includes "small and mighty" free & clear high efficiency detergent). There was a $2 off coupon in the 10/4 Red Plum making it 99 cents. I also had a printable $2 coupons so I got two at that price.

1 tube Colgate toothpaste (FREE!) - the sale/promo price is $1. There is a coupon for Colgate Total in the 10/25 Smart Source for $1 off. I took a chance and used this for regular tarter control whitening Colgate (not the Total kind, which was $2.50) and it worked! So I got it free.

2 cans Nestle Carnation evaporated milk (FREE) - You can use this with canned pumpkin to make pumkin pie. Sale price was 50 cents - coupon was in the 11/1 Red Plum for $1 off 2. There is a coupon for $1 off 4 cans of Libby veggies which I assume include pumpkin in the 9/27 Red Plum that I wish I knew about before I went shopping. These were not part of the promo but were on sale today.

1 bag Nestle chocolate morsels (99 cents) - Sale price is $1.99 - coupon in the 11/1 Red Plum for $50 off 1 (doubles to $1 off) Great for cookies!

4 bags Birds Eye frozen SteamFresh veggies (49 cents each) - Sale price$1.49 - coupons for 50 cents off in the 10/13 Smart Source and printables available. I had 3 printables not yet expired. Double to $1 off. 3 were for lightly sauced veggies. Frozen veggies are a time saver on busy nights and the freezing process preserves the vitamins, I've read :-)

6 bags Chex Mix (49 cents each) - Sale price $1.49 per bag (typically 2.89 or 3.15 per bag original price). Coupons were in the 10/25 Smart Source for $1 plus a whole mess of 50 cents printables that doubled. Chex Mix is a popular printable. I actually could have gotten more if I had printed more of the Chocolate Chex Mix ones - I didn't think they'd be included in this promo but they were!

1 container Land O Lakes spreadable butter (19 cents) - Sale price 99 cents - coupon in 10/18 smart source for 80 cents off.

2 packages Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (49 cents each) - Sale price was 99 cents each - coupon was in the 9/13 RP for $1 off 2. These are nice to have around for a quick side dish on busy nights.

5 cans Del Monte diced tomatoes (30 cents each) - Sale price was 49 cents each - coupon was in the 9/20 Red Plum for $1 off 5 cans of Del Monte veggies. Great to have on hand for chili!

Now, if you're counting along, You'll notice there are only 24 items here. To get these prices I needed to buy 30. No problem. I stocked up on 3 Edy's Slow Churned ice creams for $2.50 each and 2-liter Coke products - 4 for 79 cents each (that's cheaper than HT brand soda!) - I can use that for my next party :-) Yes, I normally pay a little less than $2.50 for ice cream, but this is Edy's - we used to buy it all the time at the sale price of $5.49 each. So I had to get some for old times sake!

I bought a few other needed items too like eggs (Eggland Best and Born Free has had some coupons out lately) and peppers (red, yellow, and orange for $1 each - normally $2.50 to $3 each). Produce at Kroger is not so hot in my experience unfortunately and tonight was no exception - otherwise I would have bought the organic bananas at the awesome price of 45 cents/lb. Normally at HT they would be up to 99cents/lb. for organic which is why we normally don't buy organic bananas - they have thick skins anyway.

Overall, it was a good haul - some great stock ups and some good deals on things we use all the time. Can't beat free toothpaste! There are probably plenty of other deals out there on other promo products that I don't usually purchase, so feel free to comment if you come up with any others this week. Now I'll be making some pumpkin pie this coming weekend - yum!

Yours in savings,