Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Old Navy gift cards 20% off until Christmas Eve

Just an update on gift card deals, if you buy gift cards in store, you can get 20% up to $300. You can use the cards at their partner stores (Gap, Banana Republic, etc.).


Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Just want to say Happy Holidays to everyone - I'm "off" for a bit in terms of buying groceries and stuff since I am traveling over the holidays. But if I get any info about after Christmas sales and things I'll try to pass it on. In the meantime, check my links to the left for updates from Sue Stock or Faye Prosser who should keep posting (it is their job after all!) and other sites with great coupons and deals!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whole Foods launches Online Coupons!

Do you love organic food from Whole Foods but cringe at the prices? This may help. Whole Foods now has printable online coupons. These are "in-store" coupons so I would assume that if you have a manufacturer's coupon for something too, you could use both. Enjoy!


Ebates - Cash Back from Major Stores!!!

Thanks very much to my friend, E. who alerted me to this very cool site! http://www.ebates.com
I have yet to use it, but basically, if you purchase products from all kinds of major stores through this site, they will send you a cash rebate in the mail for a percentage of the purchase price. You can also find and use coupon codes here in addition to your cash back rebate. Some stores that are included are:

Barnes and Noble
Circuit City
Best Buy
The Disney Store
The Children's Place
and many more!

The site is http://www.ebates.com

Monday, December 14, 2009

W00t! - amazing limited time/limited quantity deals

My husband, D, is into these websites that have amazing limited time (like only hours to buy)/limited quantity offers on things - the sites are called Woot! sites. For those who don't speak nerd, W00t! is a nerdy, computer geek, Internet slang exclamation for "awesome!" "sweet!" or "this is quite a good thing, indeed!" - the sites are:

http://woot.com/ - this site is mainly for electronic gadgets, and sometimes pretty cool ones!

http://wine.woot.com/ - D's personal favorite - we frequently get cases of really great wine that would retail for $16 or more per bottle for $10 a bottle or less. Your state must allow shipping of alcohol from out of state though so check into it.

http://kids.woot.com/ - this is great for all you parents out there looking for great x-mas gifts on the cheap - $5 shipping on all Woots

http://deals.woot.com/ - this one is my most recently discovered site - it is a community site so people post their best deals they've found on here and critique the deals too (e.g., tell you whether it's really a good price, where you could get it cheaper, or if it's a good product)

Just try to keep in mind: Don't "Over-Woot" it. That "bacon-flavored" salt may seem like a tasty deal for only $2 at the time, but there will be another great deal tomorrow you may not be able to pass up. Might be a good idea to keep a W00t budget (or at least a monthly wine budget). And yes, the bacon-flavored salt was a real thing, and no, it's not as tasty as it sounds.

Gift Cards (great Melting Pot deal and others!)

I know everyone is avoiding gift cards this year because it seems those are the only things you can't get a deal on. Well, there are at least a few deals I'm aware of out there, probably more than what I'm posting here. I'll add more as I get them.

Best deal: The Melting Pot - buy $100 in gift cards, get 4 $25 bonus gift cards FREE - check the restrictions on this though. They're more like coupons. Each bonus gift card can only be used during a certain quarter of the year (2010) and can only be used on a 4 course dinner. Still, it's the best coupon out there for the Melting Pot!

OSI Restaurant partners (Carrabas, Bonefish, and Outback) have a buy $100 in gift cards, get a $20 bonus gift card (bonus card good Jan 1st through Feb. 10th, 2010)

Some more deals at: http://dealnews.com/features/Gift-Card-Deals-A-List-of-Gift-Card-Discounts-Bonuses/327253.html

Plus always check out Restaurants.com - there are always coupon codes for 80 and 90% off these gift cards (like get a $25 gift card for $2) - You can get the coupon codes on Couponmom.com. The number of restaurants participating is limited and there are some restrictions. They restock these every month, so it's probably best to check it out at the beginning of the month before the good ones are all gone.

WRAL Smart Shopper Website

For all you locals (and probably for not so locals as well) - The WRAL Smart Shopper has a website up now that will have a lot of great deals on it. I heard this woman on the radio this morning - apparently she spends $65 dollars per week on groceries for her family of 4, getting $150 to $200 worth of stuff. Wow! I wonder if she counts all the toiletries and household items like paper towels, napkins, etc. in that number?


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Harris Teeter this week 12/12/09

Hi everyone - didn't get to shopping until today. There were some great stock up items this week:

Harris Teeter Natural Ice Cream - Buy 2 get 3 free
Harris Teeter prepackaged cold cuts - Buy 2 get 3 free
Milk Bone Treats - BOGO

Chex cereal - (orig $3.39 each) Buy three and get them for $2.50 each. Printable coupons for $1 off 2boxes are available making them $6.50 for 3 boxes (about $2.16 each) - great for chex mix!

Martha White muffin mix (orig. $1.15) sale $1 - printable coupon for 55 cents off two - final price = 90 cents for two, or 45 cents each.

Blistex - orig. 99 cents - BOGO (one rings at half price or 50 cents) - cpn for 25cents off in 11/15 smart source doubles to 50 cents - final price = FREE!

Glade Candles (orig. 3.79) - BOGO - cpn for $1.50 off two candles in 11/1 and 12/6 smart sources - final price = $2.29 for two

Farm Rich Mozzerella Cheese Sticks - (orig. 3.99) - sale price $3 - cpn in 12/06 smart source for 75 cents off , doubles to $1.50 - final price = $1.50

Tony's Crispy Crust Pizza - (orig. 1.49) - sale $1 - printable coupon for 50 cents off two, doubles to $1, final price = 50 cents each

Green Giant frozen veggies (orig. 1.89) - sale 99 cents - evic 68 cents (limit 1) - coupon in 11/15 smart source for 60 cents off 3 doubles to $1.20 - final price = 49 cents each

Pillsbury Crescent rolls (orig. 2.09) - sale $1.67 (3 for $5) - many many coupons out for these - printable ones are 50 cents off two - doubles to $1 off - final price = $1.17 each

Kraft singles (orig. 2.29) - sale price 1.50 - coupon for 50 cents off in 12/06 smart source - doubles to $1 - final price = 50 cents

Kraft Cheddar sticks (orig. 3.09) sale price $2.50 - coupon for $1 off two in 11/22 smart source - final price = $2 each.

E-vic deals:
HT green beans, corn or peas (canned) - orig. 89 cent - sale price = BOGO- e-vic price = 33 cents (limit 1)

Flat Iron or Flank steak - $3 off - I got a one pound one for about $6, which after the evic was $3.

I will be taking a few weeks off from grocery shopping since I'll be visiting family - see you (and all the bargains) in the New Year!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Harris Teeter this week 12/4/09

There are some really great meat deals this week, so make room in your freezer and if your store is out, be sure to get a rain check! Remember that for most of the BOGO deals, the individual items will ring up as half price if you only buy one, so you don't actually have to buy two. According to my receipt I saved $106.22 this week (woo hoo!) and I finally qualified for 2 $25 the gift cards, but I have yet to claim them.

So here are some of the deals:

  • Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa - Orig. 1.95. Sale price $1.50. Coupon in 11/15 Smart Source for 50 cents off 2 (doubles to $1 off) - Final price = $1 per box for 2.
  • Chex Mix Sweet n Salty and chocolate flavors - Orig. 3.19. Sale price $2. Printable coupon for 50 cents off doubles to $1 - final price = $1.
  • Progresso Broth - Orig. 2.69, sale price $2.24. Printable coupon for 50 cents off doubles to $1 - final price = $1.24.
  • White House Apple Sauce - Orig. $2, sale BOGO ($1) - Coupon in 8/16 Smart Source 75 cents off 2 doubles to $1.50. Final price = 50 cents for 2 or 25 cents each.
  • Skippy Peanut Butter Natural 15 oz - Orig. 2.99, Sale price 1.49, coupon in 11/15 Red Plum for 60 cents off doubles to $1.20 - final price = 29 cents
  • Scotch Brite sponges (6ct.) - Orig. 11.98, Sale BOGO ($5.99) - no coupon, but a decent deal
  • Loreal Preference Hair color - Orig. 9.99, sale price 6.99- coupon in 11/1 for $2 off - final price = 4.99
  • Dannon Yogurt - 55 cents each - coupon in 11/15 Smart Source for $1 off for 10. making them 45 cents each.
  • Oscar Meyer Bacon - Orig. 5.49 BOGO (2.75) - coupon 11/15 Smart Source for 75 cents off ($1.50) - final price = 1.25
  • Johnsonville Italian sausage - Orig. 5.29 - sale price 3.99 - coupon in 11/8 smart source for 55cents off doubles to $1.10 - final price = 2.89.
  • HT Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast - Buy 1 get 2 FREE (limit 6)
  • HT Chuck Roast - BOGO (I got a rain check for these because they were out - great for beef stew)
  • Organic Baby Greens - BOGO
  • Cripps Pink Lady - BOGO
  • Edy's Ice Cream - 2 for $6
  • Mayfield Ice Cream - BOGO
  • HT Milk - Orig. 3.49, sale price 2.47

E-Vic deals - I'm not sure if some of these E-Vic deals are special for individual people, but these are the ones I got today - typically there's a limit of 1 on these:

  • Kellogg's individual Cereal cups - Orig. $1.25, E-Vic sale price 50 cents
  • Aquarius Spring water - Orig. 7.79 - E-Vic sale price = $1.99
  • HT Instant Rice - Orig. $1.89, E-Vic sale price = FREE!
  • Herbal Essences Shampoo - Orig. 3.99 - sale price = $2.50 - E-Vic deal is buy shampoo or conditioner and get free styler (I got the mousse, a 3.99 value)
Please feel free to add any other deals you find! I hear Kroger has some great 10 for $10 deals with good coupon match ups!

- Li