Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grocery Shopping 1/23 - Harris Teeter

Today I spent $95 (including a donation to Haiti) and saved $81.

Harris Teeter is doing a special promo where if you buy 15 participating General Mills products you get $5 off your order, plus many of the items are on sale AND there are coupons out for most of them. There's also a special thing if you buy 3, 4, or 5 Nature Valley Granola bars or Betty Crocker fruit snacks, a coupon will print for $1.50, $2.50, or $3.50 off your next order. You can get coupons for these too, and they count toward the 15 items in the GM sale. Unfortunately we already have mucho granola bars and don't eat fruit snacks so that was a no go for us, but I did get 15 other items. There's a HUGE beef sale going on so if you have a working freezer it's probably a good time to stock up.

Reminder - if it's BOGO, you can just buy one for half price. If it's 5 for $5 or 2 for $5 or whatever, you can only buy one and get the divided price. You can get printable coupons (which usually double even if they say they don't) via

some FREE stuff:

Birdseye Steamfresh frozen veggies - orig. $2.50 - sale price $1 (or 5 for $5) - 50 cents off cpns in 1/10 smart source and printable x2 = FREE

Mission Flour Tortillas (large, 8ct) - orig. 1.99 - sale 2 for $3 or $1.50 each - 75 cents off cpn in 1/10 smart source x2 = FREE (We're having burritos this week!)

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix - orig. 2.15 - eVIC sale price 99 cents - 50 cents off (printable) x2 = FREE or 12/13 smart source 40 cents off cpn x2 = 20 cents

General Mills deal - here are my 15 items (final prices are prior to $5 taken off):

1 Cheerios (big box)- orig. 4.49 - sale price $3 (or 2 for $6) - printable cpn for 55 cents off x2 - final price = $1.90

2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios - orig. 4.29 - sale price 2/$5 ($2.50 each) - printable cpn for $1 off two - final price = $2 each (or you can use the $1 off 3 cpn for general mills cereals in the 1/3 smart source)

4 boxes Old El Paso taco shells - orig. 1.99 - sale price (4/$5 - or $1.25) - no cpns for these, but we needed them for a church dinner thing - they had cpns on the boxes though for a FREE taco seasoning packet if you buy two boxes of shells so my next two items were....

2 Old El Paso taco seasoning packets - orig. 99 cents - sale 79 cents - cpn on taco shell boxes for free seasoning with two boxes of shells - final price = FREE

2 Green Giant Steamers frozen veggies - orig. 2.59, sale 1.29 each - cpns in 12/13 and 1/03 smart source for 40 cents off one x2 - final price = 49 cents each

1 Pillsbury crescent rolls - orig. 2.09, sale 3 for $5 (or 1.67 each) - cpn for 25 cnts off in almost every smart source since 11/15 x2 = final price = $1.17 (you could get multiple of these if you wanted)

2 Pillsbury grands biscuits - orig. 1.89 - sale BOGO so 95 cents each - printable cpn for 40 cents off two x2 - final price = 65 cents for 2 (or you could use the cpn for 40 cents off 3 in 1/3 smart source x2 = 68 cents each

15th item was the free Betty Crocker cookie mix

some other coupon deals:

Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups - orig. 99 cents each - sale 49 cents each - printable cpn on Stonyfield Farm website for 50 cents off 3 - final price = 47 cents for 3 or 15(ish) cents each.

Anget Soft toilet paper 12 pck dbl rolls - org. 7.99 - eVIC price = 4.77 - printable cpn for 50 cents off x2 - final price = $3.77

Arnold Soft Family bread - orig. 2.19 - it's not on sale but many packages had a 35 cents off cpn on them that doubled - final price = 1.49 which is slightly cheaper that the HT brand

Pepperidge Farm raisin or cinnamon breads - orig. 3.59- sale 2/$5 or $2.50 each - cpn for 40 cents off in 1/10 smart source - final price = $1.70

Kraft Mac n Cheese - orig. 1.19, sale = 4/$2 or 50 cents each - cpn for buy 3 get one free in 12/13 smart source, final price = 37 cents (ish) each

Grande tortilla chips - orig. 3.59 - sale $2.50 - cpn for $1 off in 1/10 smart source - final price = $1.50

Helluva Good cheese - orig. 2.69 - sale = $2 - cpn for 50 cents off in 12/13 smart source x2 - final price = $1

some BOGO sale deals:

Bertolli pasta sauce is BOGO plus many of the jars have a 55 cents off two Sargento Cheese cpns stuck to the top (I got 4 of these)

Breyers ice cream is BOGO (I got one)

Coke 12 packs are BOGO (I got two)

I bought a bunch of other things including batteries (there are some Duracell cpns in 1/17 P&G saver and the 12/13 red plum), some produce that was (gasp!) not on sale but looked good, milk (always the HT brand), and some canned veggies (tendersweet was only 57 cents a can, HT beans are 67 cents)

The burritos we're having this week combine a whole bunch of recent sales. The recipe is on the Mission Tortillas package, but it includes the free guacamole we got during super doubles, shredded chicken (there was a buy 1 get 2 free breast sale recently or 47 cents/lb leg quarters), free white rice during triples, and helluva good cheese this week (to be shredded). There are a few other ingredients of course but nothing expensive.

I also got two rain checks today - for the Cheerios ( I got the last big box) and the Johnsonville mild ground italian sausage which I had a coupon for but they were out of. I can't emphasize rain checks enough. It's great to be able to use them with double or triple coupons later or with sales, in the case of BOGO items. If I had room in my freezer, I'd be using my raincheck for BOGO chuck roast I got a couple of months ago. It is 50 % off right now as it is, so with the BOGO it would be about 75% off the original price and I can get up to 6 of them with my rain check. I'm going to try to move things around in my freezer to take advantage of this deal tomorrow. If you're not sure what a rain check is, see my original grocery savings post from October 2009.

Now I just need to manage my overstock! I don't think I'll be buying cereal for a LONG time!

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