Friday, January 15, 2010

Babies R Us Sale - Attn all new/soon-to-be parents!

Big Sale at Babies R US - including their buy two (gigantic) boxes of diapers and get a $15 gift card promotion. There was a $2 off coupon for Pampers in the 12/27 P&G which you could with this sale, which does turn out to be a decent deal if you like Pampers.

There are a bunch of things you can get free if you buy other baby items, but they are BIG baby items (like, buy a changing table/dresser and get a free crib)- But seriously, the free crib is normally over $380 bucks so it's a good deal! Online you get free shipping on orders over $100 and a free gift AND if you fan them on facebook they'll give you $5 off any purchase $25 or more. There are some printable coupons on their site too for certain items.

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