Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First pass at Super Doubles - add your deals!

This time around I decided to go early on the first day of Super Doubles so I would not miss out on all the free and extremely cheap stuff. Believe it or not, there were a couple of items that were already out of stock by the time I got there at 9:30!

I spent $16.28 and saved $56.76. Not bad! I could have spent less, but I bought a couple of sale items we needed that were slightly more expensive than FREE - still great deals though! Some of the coupons I tried to use could not be used because they did not have the item at all (e.g., DiGiorno 200 calorie pizza). Maybe other Harris Teeter's do? Anyway, here are some of the deals I got - printable coupons can be found at or

FREE stuff:

Chinet Guest Towels napkins - 40 ct. - Orig. 2.99, on sale for 94 cents, $1 off coupon (11/22 Smartsource) with no need to double (but it actually did anyway because the cashier had to do an override and thought it was 2.99) = FREE - and I actually made money on the deal because of the mistake AND there was a coupon ON the napkins for free hand soap up to $2.50 value, so I got a 9oz dial hand soap for FREE as well! Not bad!

Bonne Bell Lipsmacker lip balm - orig. 1.99 - you can get $1 off cpn on their website if you sign up for the sweepstakes. I have a special "coupon and savings" gmail address just for these kinds of things. anyway, final price = FREE

King Hawaiian rolls (small pack) – orig. 1.39 - $1 off cpn x2 (12/13 Red Plum PLUS a printable so you can get multiple - it is for the bread but works for the rolls too) – final price = FREE

Weight Watchers 1pt cakes/muffins/cookies (I got the twinkie kind) orig. 3.99, sale price 1.99 - $1 off cpn x 2 (printable) – final price = FREE

Wholly Guacamole (small size) – orig. 1.99, $1 off cpn x2 (1/3 Smart source PLUS a printable so you can get multiple of these) = FREE (this is near the produce section with the carrots, fresh salad dressings, fresh herbs, etc)

Starbucks Hot Chocolate Ice Cream (ok, this was a special one for me because I had a raincheck from back when it was first introduced and was on sale for $2 – normally the little 1 pint is almost 5 bucks!) $1 off cpn x 2 (11/15 Red Plum) – final price (with raincheck) = FREE

Chobani Greek Yogurt – orig. 1.45, $1 off cpn x 2 (12/13 Smart Source) – final price = FREE

Stuff for under $1:

Mueller's Whole Grain pasta - orig. 1.69 each - sale 1.44, $1 off 2 cpn x2 (1/3 smart source) = $2 off 2, final price: 88 cents for 2 or 44 cents each.

Dickinson Preserves (I got boysenberry, yum!) - orig 4.59, sale price = BOGO so 2.29 for 1 - $1 off coupon X 2 (12/13 Red Plum) - final price = 29 cents

Beechnut Let's Grow toddler cookies - orig. 2.35, $1 off cpn x 2 (1/3 smart source)- final price = 35 cents

Uncle Ben's Brown rice - orig. 2.65 - cpn $1 off x 2 (1/3 Red plum)- final price = 65 cents - you can actually get the small box of original rice for FREE because it's regular price is 1.99, but we like brown.

Herbal Essences shampoo - orig., 3.95, sale price 2.49 - $1 off cpn x2 (12/27 P&G saver) – final price = 49 cents

Organic Valley Cream Cheese – orig. 2.59 - $1 off cpn x2 (there are a bunch of $1 cpns on their website, just google them) – final price = 59 cents

Crest Whitening toothpaste (various varieties) - orig. 3.69, sale price 2.50, $1 off cpn x 2 (12/27 P&G saver) - final price = 50 cents (I never pay more than 50 cents for toothpaste anymore)

Other Stuff:

Johnson and Johnson baby wash - orig. 4.25, sale price - $3, $1 off cpn x2 (1/3 Red plum)- final price = $1

Pompeian Canola/Olive Oil - orig. 8.99, sale 5.99 - $1 off cpn x2 (printable) - final price = 3.99 (big olive oil sale this week so lots of other brands too)

Sensodyne Pro-enamel toothpaste – orig. 4.99, sale 4.77 - $1 off cpnx2 (1/3 Red plum) – final price = 2.77 (ok, not as incredible a deal, but it’s what D uses)

Coupons I tried to use but couldn’t:

Chinet crystal plates – they were all out! (11/22 smart source)
Skinny Water – couldn’t find it in my store (1/3 smart source)
DiGiorno 200 calorie pizza – despite the coupon, I think 200 calorie pizza is a myth, not in my HT’s freezer (1/3 smart source)
Ivory soap (12/27 P&G saver) – would have been free, but they were all out! Can be used on safeguard or zest too, but not free.

I know there are plenty more deals to be had but I tried to get the free stuff first before it was out of stock. I will probably be heading back on Friday afternoon for more so I’ll update you then. And of course, there will be new coupons out on Sunday in the paper so there may be some great matchups then too.

Happy shopping everyone! Please comment and add your deals!

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