Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yard Sales and Moving

Many of you know, but our family is getting ready to move from NC to NJ. Yes, I said we are moving TO New Jersey, for my job but also to be near family in the South Jersey area. This is the reason my blog has been silent lately, so I apologize to you and to myself for being a less than savvy shopper...when my HT receipt the other day only said I saved $14 I was quite sad! I'm hoping to pick it up again in a couple months once we are settled up there - though I'm sure I'll be blogging about Wegman's and Shoprite instead of HT...

Anyway, we are having a yard sale next week and we are pricing out trucks and storage containers and things of that nature. Anyone have any comments about having a yard sale? Any savings tips for moving? We are packing ourselves and renting our own truck since our furniture will not be coming with us for the time being. Love your thoughts!