Saturday, January 9, 2010

Second Pass - HT super double coupons

Some of my coupons today came from Family Circle magazine and Food Network magazine which we get sent to the house. If you get magazines, especially food or parenting mags, you may find coupons hidden in the pages. Women's mags sometimes have coupons for makeup or other feminine products.

Total spent: $113, Total saved (sales and coupons): $120

Some deals from today (these are in addition to the ones from my first pass post):

Best deals - FREE or practically free

Ivory Soap (3 bar pack) - orig. 1.45, cpn for $1 off in P&G Saver on 12/27 x2, final price = FREE (they had this today so I guess they will restock in between days!)

Dannon Lite & Fit yogurt - orig. 6 for $4, sale 10 for $4, $1 off 6 cpn in 1/3 smart source x 2, final price = 40 cents for 6, or about 6 cents each

Fleishman's yeast - orig. 99 cents per strip - cpn for 40 cents off in 10/4, 11/08, and 12/6 smart source doubles to 80 cents - final price = 19 cents (D is going to attempt making bread from scratch - if it's good it could save a bundle on yummy crusty bread!)

Special K granola bars - orig. 3.19, sale 1.99, e-VIC special price .99 (limit 1), cpn for $1 off (printable) x 2, final price = FREE (NOTE: There is also a cpn for $1 off 2 boxes in the 1/3 Red Plum which would make this deal 50 cents per box since you only get one at the eVIC 99 cents price and the second one would be 1.99; HOWEVER, they are also doing a special K promotion where if you buy 4 special K items you get $5 off, so you could pair up 2 boxes of the cereal (which is 2.50 per box) with two boxes of the bars plus the granola bar coupon ($1 off 2 boxes which doubles) and the cereal coupon ($1 off 2 boxes which doubles) from the 1/3 Red Plum - with the coupons it only adds up to $4, and then you get $5 off - so essentially you get TWO boxes of cereal and TWO boxes of bars for FREE AND you actually MAKE money because you only spent 4 of the $5 off so you make $1. Awesome deal! Wish I hadn't used my coupons during the Kroger deal last week, which wasn't as good as free.

Snyders/Rold Gold Pretzels - ok, so this was a mistake on my part but paid off. Snyders pretzel bags are on sale 2 for $4 (or $2 each). I didn't realize the coupon for $1 off I had from this month's Family Circle magazine was for Rold Gold pretzels, not Snyders. The cashier didn't even bother to look at my pretzels and when the coupon didn't ring up she just asked the manager to do an override. so I got to use my $1 off cpn (x2) to get FREE pretzels. I'm not sure what the price on the Rold Gold ones are, but you might be able to get them free or cheap too.

Other cheap stuff using coupons

Ziploc Bags - orig. 2.49, sale 2.19, cpn for $1 off 2 boxes x2, final price = $2.38 for 2 or $1.19 each

Filipo Berio Olive Oil Spray - orig. 3.99, sale 3.49, $1 off cpn in this month's Family Circle magazine x2, final price = $1.49 - PLUS if you haven't already bought olive oil this week and cashed in on this deal, the sale olive oils come with a free HT Traders pasta (excludes wheat) so make sure to pick up the pasta!

Duncan Hines Whole Grain muffin mix - orig. 2.89 (for chocolate chip flavor), $1 off cpn in Food Network magazine this month x2, final price = 89 cents

Splenda (I got the with fiber kind but the regular is on sale too) - orig. 5.29, sale price 3.99, $1.50 off 2 cpn in 1/3 RP x2, final price = 4.98 for 2 (or 2.49 each) (there is also a 55 cents off splenda with fiber cpn so you could get a third box for 2.89 if you wanted)

Caribou Coffee (D's favorite) - orig. 9.99, sale 5.99, printable cpns for $2 off (these don't double because they're above 1.98), final price = 3.99

Organic Valley half gallon milk - orig. 4.99, sale 3.99, $1 off cpn printable from their website x2, final price = 1.99

Gold Bond Ultimate lotion - orig. 9.99, sale 7.99, $1 off cpn in the 11/1 and 1/03 smart sources x2, final price = 5.99

Selsun Blue - orig. 9.99, sale 5.99, $1 off cpn in 10/25 and 1/03 smart sources x2, final price = 3.99

Good deals without coupons

Angus Stew Meat - BOGO - they are around $6 per package so you can get them for around $3

HT boneless chicken breast - Buy one get 2 free (must purchase 3 to get discount) - I ended up paying around $3 per package with 3 large breasts in each - orig. between $9 and $10 per package)

Whole Pork Tenderloin - BOGO - I bought one at half price for about $8 (orig. about $16)

cantalope eVIC deal 2 for $3 so 1.50 each ( I bought one)

strawberries BOGO - orig 4.99 per qt, sale price $2.50 each (I bought one)

Blue Bunny ice cream BOGO - orig. 6.19, sale price = $3.10 each (I bought one)

White House Apple Juice - BOGO (aka orig. 5.78, sale 2.89)

Peter Pan Peanut Butter - orig. 2.59, eVIC sale price 1.49

Hormel 16 oz Bacon - BOGO - (aka orig. 4.99, sale 2.50 each)

Wolfgang Puck soups (love these) - orig. 2.99, sale BOGO (aka 1.49 each)

Good deals on things I didn't buy today:

Northland Cranberry juice - Buy 2 get 3 free (must buy all 5 to get discount)

EZ Peel White Shrimp - Buy 1 get 2 free (must buy all 3 to get discount)

Italian Pork Sausage (HT) - BOGO

Thomas's English Muffins - BOGO all varieties - I've said before, I buy these in bulk when they are BOGO and freeze them. You can take one out, pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds and then toast. Great with peanut butter!

Kraft Shredded Cheese BOGO

Doritos BOGO

Fresh Step Cat Litter BOGO

Cottonelle Toilet Paper - orig. 7.99 for 12 double rolls, sale is 6.99, cpn for 50 cents off in 12/13 smart source x 2, final price = 5.99

Arm & Hammar Laundry detergent - you can get $1 off cpns on their website which will double - they don't make high efficiency though, unfortunately.

Lean Cuisine - buy 1 at $1.47 with eVIC, then others are 5 for $10


I will probably return tomorrow as I got a $1 off oikos greek yogurt cpn printed out today as I checked out (which will make the yogurt free) plus there is an eVIC special for free HT trail mix I keep forgetting to pick up. We'll see if any cpns in tomorrow's paper match up well with the sales.

Reminder - all deals and sales assume that you A. have a VIC card (you won't get any of the sales without this. If you don't have it with you the cashier can look it up using your phone number) and B. you are an eVIC member. If you are not an eVIC member you are missing out. Go to the website: and follow the links to sign up. You'll get a newsletter to your email box each week with the sales, the eVIC specials, and sometimes special eVICs just for you that will be taken off at the register. eVIC prices are often not advertised in the store so you just have to know about them and it will be taken off at the register. Plus each week someone is chosen to win a couple hundred dollars worth of groceries and the winner is announced in the e-newsletter.

Yours in savings,


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