Friday, January 29, 2010

Harris Teeter this week 1/28/10 - before the blizzard

Some deals from today - it was madness!

Pepsi Products - Buy 2 get 3 free

Del Monte corn, peas, and green beans - Buy 2 get 3 free

Chex Mix BOGO - and there was a 50 cents off two coupon in 12/13 and 1/24 smart source

Tostitos chips BOGO - coupon for 55 cents off 1 Tostitos chips and one dip in 1/17 smart source

Crisco Oil - orig. 4.19, sale 2.97 - cpn for 55 cents off in 11/8 redplum -final price = 1.87

HT Facial Tissue - FREE! (limit 1)

eVIC - 2lbs ground chuck (80/20) - is 2.97 (limit 1)

Whole Chicken fryers 47cents per pound (limit 4 - these are a good deal at just over $2 per chicken)

HT Butter is on sale for 1.99 lb. (about $1 off the usual price)


  1. Hey...explain the eVIC to me...I went to get that $2.97 ground chuck and it rang up at $4.97 w/my VIC card...they gave it to me for the eVIC price, but I had to catch it at the register.

  2. If you go to their website you can sign up for eVIC there - you probably have to link your card up to the eVIC using your card number, so I'd keep you're card out while you're signing up. This should get you the eVIC special automatically when you check out. That price lasts until the following Wednesday, but there's usually a limit of one at this price per customer.

    It also will get you a weekly email on Wednesdays when the new sale prices come out that lists them all, including a subset of the sale items you tend to buy most. That email also has the winner of the weekly $100 -$300 worth of groceries sweepstakes chosen from eVIC members. You can click on the specials and it will take you to their website where you can create a personalized shopping list which you can email to yourself or print out. This is convenient for me because I can then match up those items with the coupons using Sue Stock's database.

    They also send out another email usually on Fridays telling you about some specialized eVIC items just for you (usually 3 to 5 items). They will also be listed at the bottom of your receipt when you check out if you don't buy them so you know you can get them next time. Sometimes these deals have a special time limit/expiration date. There is usually a limit of 1 per customer also.

  3. Oh, and Mr. Jerry - I added this to the About Me section, but I have a post in Oct. 2009 called The Updated Grocery Store Savings post which outlines my whole method as well as sale and coupon rules. A lot of that you may already know, but it might be good to check out just in case. :-)