Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grocery Shopping 1/16 - Sorry for the lateness!

Sorry, y'all, I've been busily productive around my house this weekend so blogging has been postponed - and a double apology in that I can't seem to find my receipt from my shopping trip so I can't be quite as specific as I normally am. The HT prices are still good through Tuesday night though so some of the same deals I got there could still be yours! New coupons and sales at Kroger and other stores advertised today in the paper, so hopefully those will match up well this week.

FREE items this week: Kefir cultured milk drink (eVIC), Activia yogurt 4pack (eVIC price 99cents, cpn for $1 off in 12/6 smart source ), and Quaker Quakes rice cakes (sale price 4 for $5, so $1.25 each, cpn for 75 cents off one ricecakes snack, doubles to $1.50)

Other coupon deals:

Progresso Soup - they're doing the buy 2 get 3 free deal again (limit 10) - You can use the 50 cents off two cpns in - they double to $1 off. However, they'll only let you use one coupon per 5 cans (since you are only technically "buying" two cans for every five)

Peter Pan Peanut Butter is 2 for $4 - cpn for 50 cents off 2 in 1/10 smart source will double making them $1.50 each.

Quaker is doing a deal where if you buy 4 participating items you get a free 64oz Orange Juice - there are cpns for Quaker Chewy granola bars in the 1/3 RP and for the True Delights kind in the 12/6 smart source. You can also use the cpns for Aunt Jemima stuff in this deal in the 1/3 Red Plum - all the cpns are for $1 off two products.

Some Sale Deals:

Sargento Shredded Cheese - BOGO

Strawberries are 2 qts for $6

Meatloaf mix is on sale - normally over $4, sale is 2.99/lb - I use this for meatballs so I bought a bunch.

Chicken Leg Quarters - 47cents/lb. These are a fabulous deal. We put two per freezer bag making it easy to pop them out for a meal.

Catfish nuggets - $1.99/lb - great for fish tacos - the corn torillas are on sale BOGO as well, so break out the free guac you got last week and get some HT sour cream for 77 cents and have some cheap but delicious tacos! Cooking Light has a great recipe for these using tuna on their website - you can modify it for any fish. Use some of the leftover corn tortillas with your BOGO shredded cheese to make quesadillas :-)

Diana's banana babies - I'm kind of obsessed with these right now. They're just chocolate covered bananas on a stick but they're delicious and they were BOGO last week and this week.

Healthy Balance juice is buy2 get 3 free

Some other stuff:

This week Sue Stock did a post about managing your overstock at my request :-) - this post is especially for you if you are thinking - Peter Pan peanut butter?? but i have like 5 jars of PB in my pantry already! (probably that you got very cheaply). If you don't already follow Sue Stock, I highly recommend her blog and Faye Prosser's (WRAL smart shopper) for local savings. They get paid to do these kinds of blogs after all! The links to their blogs are off to the left of this page as usual.

I should also note that it was my goal this week to spend less than $100 since my overstock is pretty full right now anyway, and I ended up spending $71 and saving $44 and I got all the staples we usually use in a week plus a lot of meat and a few extra items like a 12 pack of HT brand paper towels. It feels good to be able to do my regular weekly shopping knowing that I have a great stock of items in the pantry and closets I won't need to buy for a while and that I paid very little (if anything!) for :-)

Finally - Just wanted to mention that Target sent out a bunch of coupons in the mail this past week and remind everyone that you can use a Target store coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon (like from the paper or printed online) at the same time. Also remember to look in your magazines for coupons as well - we've gotten a few Target Brand Up&Up coupons and lots of Eggland's Best coupons in our Cooking Light and Food Network magazines (subscriptions are gifts from my wonderful MIL) and Parents magazine and Family Circle.

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  1. I'm mighty happy that you enjoy Banana Babies. Thanks from all of us at Diana's Bananas, Inc.

    Bob Carmody
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