Friday, November 6, 2009

This Week's Food Deals - Harris Teeter - Triples!

I finally made it to HT this week for triple coupons. Of course, if you don't go early in the morning on the first day they tend to be out of a lot of things, but I did pretty well anyway. This is my first trip through - I'm hoping to do some more this weekend.

As a caveat, I didn't just buy the things I had coupons for - I also bought things we needed for the week like milk, bread, meat, veggies, etc. I always look for the best deals on these things too - I buy meat in bulk when it's a good sale and freeze it and I plan what veggies to eat based on what's on sale. Harris Teeter bread is, in fact, as it is advertised to be: Soft and Delicious. In any case, I did spend about $72 dollars today and saved $80.64 - but you do not HAVE to spend that much during triple coupons if you don't want to. If you're doing the $75 per week to get the $50 in gift cards promotion, you'll need to spend at least 75 unless it's an off week for you (you have to spend $75 16 out of 18 weeks).

Triples warnings/fine print: you can only triple up to 20 coupons per day. They will still take additional coupons, but beyond 20 they will not triple. And if you go back later that day, they will only double, not triple. Printable coupons that say "do not double or triple" almost always DO double or triple. Get your printables at and others (see links to the left). You may need to download a special driver for your printer in order to print them up. Make sure your printer is on when you print them. You can usually print up to two copies per coupon. BOGO items almost always ring at half price, so you don't need to buy two if you only have a coupon for 1. If your coupon specifies that you have to buy 2 (or more) to get the discount, you have to buy that many.

So, without further ado - here are some deals:

Kix cereal - orig. 2.99 - printable 75 cent coupon at - triples to 2.25 - final price, 74 cents.

Betty Crocker Warm Delights - orig. 1.89 - 50 cent coupons in the 9/13 and 10/4 smart source plus multiple printables so you can get a bunch of these (yum!) - triple to $1.50 - final price 49 cents each

Special K Granola Bars - orig. 3.19 - on sale 2 for $5 ($2.50 each) - printable coupons for 75 cents off Chocolate Pretzel variety - triples to $2.25 - final price 25 cents

Mueller's pasta (spagetti and elbow mac mainly) - orig. 1.50 per box on sale 5 for $5 ($1 each) - 55 cents for 2 coupon in the 10/4 smart source - triples to $1.65 - final price 35 cents for 2 (17 cents-ish for one)

Skippy Peanut butter 40 oz. - orig. 5.99 (BOGO - 2.99 for 1) - 40 cent coupon in 10/4 Red Plum - triples to $1.20 - final price $1.79

Jif Peanut Butter 28 oz. - orig. 4.39 (sale $3.49) 55 cent coupon in 10/11 Red Plum for Omega 3 variety, but I used it today for the "natural" variety and it worked fine - triples to $1.65 - final price $1.84

Wacky Mac spiral pasta - orig. $1.55 - printable 75 cent coupons triple to $2.25 - FREE!

Starkist Tuna Salad packet - orig. 1.99 - 75 cent coupon in 9/20 Red Plum - triples to $2.25 - FREE!

Bumble Bee Tuna pouch - orig. $1.99 - sale $1.79 - 55 cent coupon in 9/13 smart source -triples to $1.65 - final price 14 cents

Campbells condensed soup - cream of mushroom and cream of chicken - orig. $1.50 per can - sale 75 cents per can - 40 cents off 2 coupon in the 9/13 smart source - triples to $1.20 for 2 - final price 30 cents for 2 (15 cents each) Great for slow cooker recipes!

Carnation Evaporated Milk - orig 1.38 - sale $1 each - 50 cents off 2 coupon 9/27 smart source and 11/1 red plum - triples to $1.50 off two - final price 50 cents for 2 (25 cents each) - you can get these at Kroger for free this week if you do the buy 10 things, save $5 promotion, but that promo ends at close of business Saturday. Great for pumpkin pie!

Rhodes frozen rolls 12 ct - orig. 2.19 - sale $1.79 - printable 75 cent coupons make these FREE!

Smithfield Bacon - orig. 4.99 - sale 2 for $6 ($3 each) - 55 cent coupon in 10/25 smart source - triples to $1.65 - final price $1.35

Tonys Cripy Pizza - orig. 1.49, sale 1.17 - 50 cent coupons in 10/4 and 10/18 smart source make these FREE!

Kozy Shack pudding - orig. 3.19 - BOGO - sale for 1 is $1.60 - coupon 35 cents off in 10/4 smart source - final price 55 cents

General Foods International Coffee 100 cal pack cappuchinos - orig. 2.39 - 75 cent coupon in 10/4 smart source - triples to $2.25 - final price 14 cents

Other good deals this week:

eVIC special is 5lb bag of sugar for 99 cents

Coca Cola 24 pack cans BOGO

Pork Tenderloin BOGO - plus there are still $1 off pork coupons available in the meat section

Meal of the Week - HT brands OJ, Bacon, Bagels, Soft Cream Cheese, and Southern Style Hash Browns (I find it weird that there are no eggs included in this deal, but whatever) - You can use the $1 off pork coupons toward this bacon too.

FYI - do not try to use the $1 off pork coupon in addition to the 55 cents off smithfield bacon coupon - you can't use two coupons on the same item (not that I tried this or anything...) ;-)

Happy clipping everyone - I'll update more if I get shopping again this weekend!


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  1. Incidentally - There are some other great deals with other coupons that are out there, but I didn't get them because I had already used my coupons. for example, I needed more ketchup a few weeks ago so I had already clipped the 75 cent Heinz Ketchup coupons in the 10/4 Smart Source. This week the Ketchup would be free, I believe, but the week I bought it I paid 25 cents per bottle. (Big sigh over the loss of 25 cents... ;-) - So please feel free to post other deals, especially since these are the deals at my store in my area - there may be other ones at your store!