Thursday, November 26, 2009

Plans for Black Friday Shopping

I was giddy running down the driveway in my jammy pants this morning to get the paper with all the sales in it. Many of the sales I had seen online already, but it was cool to physically sort through the sale papers and pick which ones to keep and which ones to let K shred.

I think my top contenders for shopping tomorrow are Kohls (opening at 4am), Target (opening at 5am), Old Navy (opens at 3am??? I will probably not make that one until later in the morning), and Babies R Us, though I'm not sure what time they're opening. I know Toys R Us opens at midnight (seriously??). I won't post what I'm buying right now because people I'm buying for read this blog! But hopefully it will warm your holiday heart that so much time, effort, willpower, and probably sheer physical force went into purchasing your gifts!

I have a potential partner for tomorrow, though when she hears what time I'm going out, she may decline the invitation. Anyone else in this area willing to brave it with me? Just let me know.

Store opening times for Friday:

  • Midnight - Toys R US
  • 3am - Old Navy
  • 4am - Kohls, hh gregg, JC Penney, Sears, and Belk
  • 5am - Macy's, Best Buy (be warned, they will be handing out tickets to the people in line before the store opens so they are the first to buy things), AC Moore, Home Depot, Target, Sam's Club, Dick's, CompUSA (5am) Walmart will also start deals at 5am
  • 530am - Radio Shack
  • 6am - all the local malls , Lowe's home improvement, Michaels, Office depot, Staples, Game Stop, Wolf Camera, Bed Bath and Beyond, JoAnn Fabrics
  • 7am - BJs, Kmart, Nordstrom, Office Max, Ulta beauty, World Market (free stuff to early folks)
  • 8am - Dillards, Saks, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning (the store - it's by Ashley Furniture and Toys R Us),
  • 9am - Costco
If you are going here are some tips I've found from various sources:
  • Have a list of what you want to buy and where you want to buy it. Prioritize by most important items and most likely to sell out items. Plan which store you will go to first based on your list.
  • Be okay with not getting an item - lots of stores will have limited quantities of the most popular or deeply discounted items.
  • Go with a team or at least a friend. There a limits on the number of certain items you can buy per person, so if you need two of a certain digital camera and the store will only let you purchase one per person, your buddy can get your second one. You can also split up to get the most desired items once you hit the store. Have a charged cell phone handy.
  • Just park. Don't drive around looking for a great spot. Wear sneakers and suck it up. This is retail war, people.
  • Keep your gift receipts and regular receipts in a special envelope so you don't lose them. Don't leave them in the bag in case things get stolen. Keep your car locked and your purchases stashed away for the same reason.
  • Don't wear bulky stuff or bring bulky purses, just bring your wallet in a zip pocket in your coat or a purse you can strap across your body. Despite what some random emails you might get from people say, you can not get decapitated by your purse strap if someone tries to snag it. You may get dragged a little, but I think we all expect that on Black Friday.
  • Bring a big bag to store all your little bags
  • Bring your own coffee for waiting in outside lines and a few granola bars - you probably won't have time to stop to eat stuff. After you've finished your shopping, you can always stop at Starbucks or for some lunch to tell war stories and enjoy the spoils.
  • Have a sense of humor and be patient and forgiving - as Sue Stock said, the gift of giving does not come with bail money - don't be that woman on the evening news attacking someone over a sweater. This is Thanksgiving, not Slapsgiving.
Anyway, happy turkey and happy shopping. I'll be reporting from the trenches.

- Li

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