Saturday, November 28, 2009

Super Saturday and Cyber Monday

Just in case I didn't get enough of a shopping fix yesterday, I went out again this morning for Saturday doorbusters. I was sad that today was the only day this weekend I didn't get a newspaper - Saturday sale papers were delivered yesterday though. So, here's where I went and what I got.

JC Penney - amazing coat sale. I replaced my old and ratty grey peacoat with a new and fabulous St. John's bay cashmere-blend peacoat. Originally $200, got it for $49 during the doorbusters. I also got a quilted brown jacket originally $120 for $34. Lots of shirts and PJs were also at least half off.

Stride Rite - they're having their BOGO half off sale. K loves her pink sneakers from there and wears them every single day. So I got them in the next two sizes - Originally $47 a pair, on sale for $24.99, so I got both pairs for $40 plus a free "snack trap" cup.

Gymboree - The clothes are expensive here so normally I don't shop here unless I can get something very cheap in the sale section. However, today they were having 25% off sales on already discounted items - and these weren't just the clearance items, some were from the gingerbread line which is new this season. Plus I had 20% off coupon I got in the mail. I essentially got $147 of clothes for K for a little over $50 including two fancy jumpers, two body suit turtlenecks, two pairs of tights, a cute corduroy shirt, and a hat. Gymboree gives out free gift boxes, which seems rare nowadays - often stores make you pay for them! I also got $25 worth of "gymbucks" to use at a future date.

I was hoping to blog about this earlier this morning so you guys could go take advantage, but keep in mind that many stores are carrying sales through tomorrow.

Of course Monday is Cyber Monday, so many online retailers will have sales and free shipping deals. is having Black Friday week all week, so you can jump on there right now and check out some of their "lightning" deals - these are limited quantity items offered up every half hour or so. You can look ahead to see what is coming up and when so you can pounce on a deeply discounted item when it comes time. Remember to look for coupon codes at Retailmenot and

Just a tip - for time limited online deals, it's a good idea to make sure you already have an account set up with the website in advance. It will be easier to get through the checkout that way, especially if you have a credit card already on file.

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