Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harris Teeter this week - sorry so late!

I didn't go food shopping this weekend . I know, I know. I sent D and K to do it for me while I had lunch and went to a movie ($1.50 theatre) with my good friend. By the way, the Time Traveler's Wife was really good. If you liked the book, they were true to it.

D did a good job! I gave him a list and stack of coupons, and he saved $49 dollars. The Turkey Sale is over, but there are still a few good deals this week:

Bertolli tomato sauce (our favorite) - orig. 2.89 - BOGO makes it $1.44 - coupon from this weekend was 60 cents which doubles to $1.20. - final price 24 cents. Can't beat that!

Wolfgang Puck Organic soups - orig. $2.99 per can - sale price $2 - coupons for $1 off in - final price $1 per can.

Comtrex cold and cough - orig. $5.69 - BOGO makes the price $2.84 coupon is for $3 off in - final price FREE!

Oscar Meyer Bacon - orig. 5.49 - BOGO makes the price $2.85 - coupon from this weekend is 75 cents off which doubles to $1.50 - final price $1. 35

Thomas's English Muffins - no coupon here, but this is the lowest price you'll see on these at HT. Usual sale is 2 for $5, but right now it's a BOGO making them $2 each. I freeze the light ones - then I microwave them for 20 seconds and pop them in the toaster. 8 grams of fiber per muffin and only 80 calories! Great with a little peanut butter.

HT Bluberry waffles are on sale for $1.37 (normally $2. 39)

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  1. Oops! I made a boo boo and didn't include where to find some of the coupons!

    Comtrex - 11/1 Smart Source

    Oscar Meyer Bacon - 11/15 Smart Source

    Wolfgang Puck soups - sorry guys, I'm not sure which these were from - I clipped them a long time ago and I just remembered that they expired on the 15th of this month so they are no longer in Sue Stock's database.