Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

Yesterday, we purchased a "faux" Christmas tree 20% off at Home Depot. I say "faux" because that sounds fancier than "fake tree" or "plastic tree with plastic berries on it." We finally decided, after years of finding dry pine needles in the most random of places in March and enjoying the beauty of our tree while struggling to breathe and puffing our inhalers, that we needed a Faux Fabulous Fraser Fir. D was dismayed about not having that "real tree smell" in the house, but I assured him that there are also cans of "faux" tree smell that can be purchased that give (almost) the same effect. Plus, they're aerosol cans so they are almost as bad for the environment as cutting down millions of real trees - thus, the spirit of commercialized Christmas will remain intact.

In all seriousness though, Christmas is my favorite time of year. K is finally old enough (19 months) to be interested in Christmas, so I'm pretty excited to get things started. Santa is "dee da" to her and "snowman" is "awden." She can say "no" for snow and she can say man, but the combination is a toughie. It makes deciphering what she wants more fun though, like the other day when she repeatedly yelled "peacock!" at me for 10 minutes before I realized she was saying mailbox. She's napping at the moment, but we'll be trimming the "tee" (tree) with "omets" (ornaments) when she wakes up.

I hope you all enjoy being with your families this holiday season, whether your "tee" be real or faux fabulous. Since Christmas presents are all taken care of now, next up in holiday deals - Christmas cards and portraits. Stay tuned!

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