Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Week's Food Deals - Harris Teeter

Sorry this is late this week for anyone who actually reads this - I know since HT's prices change on Wednesday it's better to let you know these things before the weekend really starts!

Anyway, I saved a bunch this week, considering it wasn't even triple or super double coupons. Those are coming back soon though, I can smell it. The lady at the check out says the pattern is usually crabs on sale, then shrimp on sale, then triple or super double coupons the week after that, though she reiterated "usually" a few times. We'll see - I've got a whole bunch of great coupons to use when those come up either way.

So, the meal of the week is Lasagna! You get HT Brand noodles, sauce, ricotta, shaved parmesean cheese, shredded mozzerella, ground italian sausage, and frozen garlic bread for only $9.99 - good deal!

Meat Deals:

My HT has $1 off fresh pork coupons in the meat section. I got 3 types of pork on sale this week and having the $1 off was great to add to that. They'll let you use however many of those coupons per visit as you want. The pork I got included:

Baby Back Ribs - BOGO

HT "Natural" Italian Sausage (this is near the actual butcher section where they sell the meat by the steak or by the pound - not the HT regular italian sausage). That was a BOGO too - $6.24 orig. price, makes them $3.12 each plus the $1 off coupon for each = $2.12.

HT ground pork from the Meal of the Week - so my meal of the week was only $8.99 with the $1 off pork coupon.

Other pork deals with the coupons:
Whole Pork Sirloin was on sale as well, though I didn't get it, for $1.99 per lb.
Hormel Ham is also a BOGO

Keep the coupons if you get some - they're good until December and you can use them on any fresh pork including bacon.

My other great meat deal was steak - Top Sirloin family pack - got $5 off with eVIC

Best Halloween Candy deal so far: eVIC special on candy - 99cents for 1 bag of fun size mars candy bars (Snickers, 3 Musketeers, etc) - there's a limit of 1 at this price, but the regular VIC sale price is 2 for $4. Plus there was a coupon for $1 off 2 bags of Mars candy bars in the 10/11 Red Plum - total for 2 bags - $1.99.

Best Ice Cream Deal yet! - Breyers Ice Cream is a BOGO (orig. $5.59, price for one $2.79) plus there was a 75cent coupon in the 10/18 Red Plum - doubles to $1.50 off so price you pay for one is $1.29. I got Heath bar flavor because it's D's favorite (I don't hate it either). I can't believe I used to pay full price for ice cream. I haven't spent more than $2.50 on ice cream since I started this whole thing.

Best Yogurt Deal - Yoplait yogurt - 10 for $5 - coupons in the 9/13 and 10/18 Smart Sources for 40cents off of 6 - doubles to 80 cents so final cost is 37 cent each

Other deals:

HT canned green beans, corn, and peas are buy 2 get 3 free - great deal if you go through lots of canned veggies with a baby/toddler like we do. Green beans are K's favorite! It says Limit 10, but I'm not so sure about that. There was a limit on the Progresso soup buy 2 get 3 free deal too, and I exceeded it with no problem!

Heinz Ketchup - the 20oz. bottles are 2 for $4, two coupons in the 10/4 smart source (there were duplicates that week) for 75cents off - doubles to $1.50. So the total price you pay for each of the two is 50 cents.

Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner - (orig. 3.79 - sale 2.50) - Coupon for $1 off in 9/13 Red Plum - total is $1.50

Celentano Ravioli and Meatballs in the frozen section are a BOGO - good time to stock up! We keep these on hand for easy dinners - K loves the turkey meatballs.

Dole Fruit cups - (orig. 2.65, sale $2 each) - coupon 75cents off 1 in 8/9 smart source, doubles to $1.50 - total is 50 cents for the 4 pack - and/or you can use the 75cents off 2 from the same paper and pay $1.25 each for 2.

Fresh Express salad (orig. 3.29, sale 2 for $5) - coupon is 55 cents off 2 (doubles to $1.10) in the 10/4 Smart Source - final price is 3.90 for 2 or $1.95 each.

Chex Mix (orig. 2.89 each - sale 2 for $5) - coupons printed online at coupon mom are all expiring by halloween - they are for 50cents off - doubles to $1 so they are $1.50 each. I had 4 coupons for this type. Note, this is not the cheapest I've gotten chex mix - I've gotten them at 17 cents a bag before during triples when they were on sale, but since these coupons are expiring, if you like chex mix, now is the time.

Coupon note - I used 22 coupons at HT this week - the limit is supposed to be 20, but it was not a problem. Just FYI. Incidentally, I saved 42% this week - that maybe offsets the amount we spent at the fair!

Drug Store Deal
- keep an eye on your mail and paper for the great $25 gift card coupons you can use for any new or transferred prescriptions at CVS or Rite Aid. They've been coming out once every couple of months, usually 2 at a time. You can use it for any new scripts - antibiotics, dose changes on old scripts, basically any script you fill that's not a refill. Even though it says on the coupons that you can only use one per visit, they let me use two the other day. If your copay on your insurance is less than $25 per script, you can actually make $ on this deal. Don't forget to use your coupons and shop sales at the drug store to make that $25 gift card go as far as possible!

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