Monday, October 12, 2009

Pampers Gifts to Grow

We bought two huge boxes of Pampers at Babies R Us this past weekend and got a free $15 gift card to the store. If you do the math, this is a good deal for Pampers, but not an excellent deal for diapers. You can get deals on smaller packs of Luvs or store brands like Target's up and up for cheaper when they have sales and you've got coupons. I've gotten them as low as 15 cents per diaper that way, but the pampers this weekend were 18 cents per diaper. For Pampers, though, that's a deal. Usually you can't get those any cheaper than 20 cents per diaper for the Baby Dry. We also got some needed wipes.

The cool thing is that I can now put the "Gifts to Grow" points from these packages into the website and redeem rewards like toys or a Barnes n Noble gift card, among many other things. Wipes packages are counted as triple G2G points right now, and there is a separate code for each wipes refill in the large box. There's a separate code for each small package of diapers in the big boxes too. I used 4 of my points to enter us in a Sea World/Sesame Place vacation sweepstakes too (hey, you never know).

As parents of babies and toddlers we all buy tons of diapers and wipes anyway - might as well get something out of it! As far as I know, if you buy other Pampers products (like the bibs) you can get points for those too.

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