Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Deep Fried Deals

The State Fair is back in town with all it's deep fried deliciousness October 15th through the 25th. There are advance sale tickets online for admission and for rides at:

or at a number of retailers in the area

Advanced tix for ages 13 and up are $5 instead of $7 and for kids ages 6-12, they are $1 instead of $2. The rides are really the better advanced sale deal - you can get 18 ride tix for $10 (normally $1 per ticket). If you go on Preview Day (Thurs. Oct 15 from 3:30pm to midnight) you can get a wristband for unlimited rides for $25. Everyone else can enjoy these rides for me, since Dave believes no price is worth risking your life on a ride that needs to be taken down and put back together every couple of weeks.

As usual, the concert tickets for the shows in Dorton Arena are cheap, cheap, cheap ranging from $5 to $15 dollars. I remember the Clay Aiken craze several years ago when people were selling these $15 show tickets on eBay for $80 or more. This year American Idol faves performing include Anoop Desai (aka Anoop-doggie-dog or, as Dave calls him, "that no-talent-ass-clown-tarheel") and Kellie Pickler (bless her simple heart - but I do love that Back of Your Mind song). If you're a country fan, you can see Jason Michael Carroll, Eric Church, Blake Shelton, or Jamey Johnson. Probably most of my friends would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard with me (sigh) but I'm sure they'll be great shows :-)

Don't ask me what the cheapest deep fried dish is yet, but I'll let you know as soon as we get out to the fair - I'm splurging on the fried oreos no matter what.

Of course, you can always go on canned food day (Thursday, Oct. 22nd) to get the best admission deal - 4 cans of food gets you in. Imagine how cheap that could be if you get the cans on sale or using a coupon! :-)

A great blog to find out about fair giveaways is here:

You can follow them on facebook or twitter too. Just a note, the Demolition Derby is pretty good entertainment, but will cost you $7. Meanwhile, the pig races are free! Doesn't get better than that!

Keep in mind, the parking can getcha - consider parking at one of the malls and taking the shuttle bus in.

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