Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Savings

I am starting to think about Christmas this year, and I know there must be some GREAT ways to save out there. For example, Playskool has a ton of coupons for their toys out on their website right now. But I am wondering what YOUR strategies are for saving at the holidays?

Comment please on this post - what are the best ways to save on holiday cards, stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, wrapping paper, etc? Best stores to shop? Who has the best sales and when? What about those early bird deals on Black Friday after Thanksgiving? Are they worth it?

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  1. I never do the Black Friday shopping, just because I think it's gotten so out of hand. So I rebel by making that my absolute one "buy nothing" day of the year.

    But the rest of the year I keep an eye out at the dollar store or the card stores for wrapping paper so I don't get stuck paying full price for it at the holidays. I also shop for gifts all throughout the year. This year I'm using swagbucks to earn points for Amazon gift certificates, because I always buy a lot of books and CDs as gifts and this will help there. I also shop Half Price Books in person, and bookcloseouts.com online, to get great picture books for my nieces and nephews.