Saturday, March 6, 2010

HT this week 3/6/10

This week I spent $70.03 and saved $67.39 (almost 50%!). Just to demonstrate how much can be bought with $70, even buying some organic food, I'll list what I got:

-6 pkgs Thomas's Light english muffins (BOGO) (orig. 3.99) - no coupons, but BOGO is the cheapest these get, so I stock up and freeze them in freezer bags. microwave one for 22 seconds, then put in the toaster, slather some peanut butter on there and great "to go" and filling breakfast - these things have like 8 grams of fiber each.

-1 loaf Earth Grains bread (orig. 3.49, sale price $2.50) - cpn for 55 cents off in 2/7 RP or I think I also had a printable one - doubles to $1.10 off -final price = $1.40

-4 pkgs Sorrento String Cheese (BOGO) (orig. 4.99 - sale price was cheaper than HT string cheese so I stocked up a bit)

-2 bags HT shredded mexican blend cheese (BOGO) (orig. 2.69)

- 1 Kozy Shack 6-pack chocolate pudding (orig. 3.39 on sale BOGO so $1.69) cpn 40 cents off in 2/7 smart source - doubles to 80 cents off - final price = 89 cents

-3 Stonyfield farm 6oz yogurts (orig. 89 cents, on sale for 49 cents each - catalina cpn for buy 2 get one free) (about 32 cents each)

- 1 gallon HT Organic Milk (orig. 5.69 - on sale 4.99)

-2 pkgs (a little more than 2lbs) 93% ground beef ($2.99/lb on sale)

-2 boxes Quaker Chewy Granola bars (orig. 2.99, sale price = $2) cpn 75 cents off 2 in the 2/14 red plum - double to $1.50 off 2 - $1.25 per box

- 4 boxes Quaker Fiber Plus Omega 3 granola bars (orig. 2.99, sale price = $2) - cpns for $1 off two printable or in the 1/24 red plum

- 1 box Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal (orig. 4.29, sale price $2.50) - cpn for $1 off one box - final price = $1.50 (I'm glad I didn't use this during super doubles - this cereal was not on sale then so during super doubles it would have been $2.29 and we all know not to pay more than two dollars for a box of cereal right? actually, shoot for $1.50 or less if you can)

PLUS** Special: Buy 7 Quaker products, get $3 off total order

-1 jar Oretega taco sauce (can you guess yet what we are having for dinner?) (orig. 2.29, on sale $1.50) (there is a cpn in the 1/24 Smart source for 75 cents off two ortega items, but I've used that cpn already - doesn't mean you can use it now though!)

-1 can HT Traders Minestrone soup (orig. 1.99 - sale price FREE - one can of HT soup is free to eVIC members this week though it's not advertised on the shelf)

-2 cans HT Green Beans (77 cents per can)

-All Laundry detergent (small and mighty) - on sale $3.99 - cpn for $2 off in 2/7 Red Plum

-4 pouches Starkist Chunk Light Tuna - on sale for $1 each - cpns for $1 off two in Family Circle magazine (or Better Homes and Gardens in the dentist's office. I'm just saying you could look for them there...) Final Price - 50 cents each

- 2pkgs Plumrose Thick Cut Bacon (orig. 3.99, on sale $2.47)

-a personal watermelon ($3.99 on sale) - hey, K wanted it and it was $1 off on sale technically
-Organic Romaine hearts ($2.99 on sale)
-two plum tomatoes (on sale 77 cents a pound)
-3 yellow bananas (we've got a ton from the sale last week that are starting to turn -I didn't want to add to the banana bread craziness - although, Gold Medal flour has some printable cpns out right now)
-1 Hass avacado (on sale $1.50) (K's favorite veggie)

I've been stocking up so much the last few weeks and getting close to or breaking the $100 barrier (not by much, but still), it was really nice to do all my shopping this week for $70 and get plenty of breakfast and lunch food for the week plus some dinner stuff and snacks and laundry detergent! I find that I can buy laundry detergent very cheap by getting some when it's on sale with a coupon - and it's actually cheaper than buying it in the gigantic bulk container.

Don't forget to comment on your favorite deals!

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  1. Just realized this looks like we don't eat many fruits and veggies - we had a 5 lbs bag of apples from last week and BOGO strawberries from last week, plus we are stocked up on Dole Fruit Bowls - we also have TONS of frozen veggies from last weeks Green Giant/Big G sale. So we do eat them, just FYI :-)