Saturday, March 13, 2010

Harris Teeter this week 3/13/10

This week I spent $97.63 and saved $81.68 (about 46% savings).

The biggest deal for today was those coupons from the Friday paper I mentioned in my last post. All of them worked so I saved a total of $16 off my order.

I also want to mention that March is frozen food month (who knew?) so my HT had a ton of "tearpad" coupons in the frozen food section for all kinds of frozen stuff. Tyson bagged chicken (K loves their nuggets), frozen veggies, frozen pizza, frozen TGI Fridays appetizers, Kashi meals or pizzas, stouffers meals (including lean cuisine) and many more. They expire at the end of May. I took a bunch because we are getting a chest freezer for the garage this weekend and there may be some great opportunities to stock up in the coming weeks.

I did not do the Kellog's deal that HT has going (get $3 off 3, $4 off 4, or $5 off 5 boxes of cereal - plus there were Kellog's coupons on 2/7 and 3/7). My pantry is stocked with Big G cereals right now - we have to get through 6 boxes of cheerios, 1 box of special K, one box of Smart Start, and one box of Quaker Oatmeal squares before they expire at the end of the year. I'm sure I'll be shopping the cereals sales again in a few months though... :-)

Some other deals from today:

Charmin Ultra big rolls (12) - Orig. 8.99, eVIC 5.77 - cpn for 25 cents off x2 in the 3/7 P&G saver - final price = 5.27

Bounty 8 roll paper towels- Orig. 9.99 - eVIC 5.77 - cpn for 25 cents off x2 in the 3/7 P&G saver - final = 5.27 - this was actually not the best deal on paper towels I've seen, though if you're doing the P&G Year of Savings promotion it counts toward that. You have until April 15 on that promo - it's basically a spend $50 on P&G products and get $100 worth of coupons for more P&G products.

Dawn Dish Detergent - orig. 2.99, eVIC - 1.77 - cpn for 50 cents off (has to be the hand renewal kind) x2 in 3/7 P&G - final = 77 cents

Luvs Diapers - 16.99 for the big pack - $2.50 off cpn via the mail (join on the Luvs website and you'll get these periodically) final = $14.49 (about 16 cents per diaper)

No Yolk Egg Noodles - orig. 2.29 - BOGO - cpn for 75 cents off in - final = FREE

Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes (Canned) - orig. 2.35 each - sale 1.34 - "peelie" cpn on the can for $1 off two - final price .84 cents per can (HT brand was $1.15/can non-organic)

Gillette Men's Hair Gel - orig. 4.99- sale 4.49, cpn for $1 off in 3/7 P&G - final = 3.49

Tropicana OJ (gotta get some when Pop Pop is coming to town) - orig. 3.49 - sale 3.00 - cpn for $1 off two in 2/21 Red Plum - final price = 2.50 each

Dannon Yogurt - orig. 6/$4 - not on sale (gasp!) but D wanted them - cpn for $1 off 10 in 2/21 Smart source - final price 56 cents each - normally I don't pay more than 30 cents for yogurt cups if I can avoid it :-)

YoBaby Meals - orig. 2.99 - sale 2.50 - catalina coupon printed out last time I was at HT for $1.50 off - final price = $1

Born Free Natural Omega 3 eggs - Orig. 3.29 - sale 2.79 - cpn for 35 cents off in 3/7 Red Plum x2 - final price = 2.09

Hillshire Farm sausages (Brats) - orig. 3.65 - eVIC 2.00 (limit 2) - cpn for in 1/31 RP for $1 off 2 - final price = $1.50 each

Good deals without coupons:

Keebler's Chips Deluxe cookies are Buy 2 get 3 free - I had picked up 5 pkgs, supposedly for K's birthday party next month, but I put them back because we all know they would probably be gone within like 2 weeks...who was I kidding?

Tony Roma's BBQ - orig. 6.99 - eVIC 2.99 (limit 3)

HT Natural Ice Cream and Breyers Ice Cream are BOGO

Crayola kids toothbrushes BOGO (counts toward the Healthy Smile promotion HT is doing - btw - all my free toothpaste counted toward that as well - they count the price you pay before coupons - if I get 40 points ($40 worth) of dental stuff I will get a $5 off your total order coupon. There is also apparently a diaper promo that is similar only it's $50 worth that you need to buy.

Chef Boyardee microwave bowls are 3 for $3 (or $1 each) - usually the sale price is 4 for $5 so this is a bit better than usual sales

HT milk is still on sale for 2.69 a gallon (usually 3.29)

Strawberries are BOGO

Green Bell peppers are 99 cents (usually 1.79)

Pineapples are also half off - 2 for $5

Grande Tortilla chips 2 for $5

3lb bag Tangelos 2.99 (usually 3.99)

5lb bag red potatoes $3.50 (usually $4)

3lb bag onions $1.97 (usually $2.49)

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