Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fourth Pass - HT Triples 3-28-10

Spent $32.12 and saved $60.49

Today's coupons led to some additional deals! Plus I had a few left over from before. If I don't say where the cpn is from, you can find in in Sue Stock's database. Just click on the link to the left for her blog and it's right on there. Too lazy to look it up tonight (sorry!)

Best deal - Ok, I'll admit it. I have a cereal problem. But this was awesome and I couldn't pass it up. Frosted Mini-wheats Little Bites cereal. It was on sale BOGO. Plus I had a personal eVIC special that made it $2.29 (limit 2) instead of the usual $3.49. I had a $2 off two boxes coupon from today's paper plus a $1 off 2 boxes catalina coupon from yesterday's store visit. So, I got all 4 boxes for $1.58 (it took me a minute to figure out the math on that one). So then, another catalina coupon printed out at the register for a free gallon of milk. Essentially, I spent 40 cents per box and got a free gallon of milk! But now, I have WAY too many boxes of cereal. I need to figure out a way to make rice-crispies style treats with some of them.

So, in addition to that, here are some other great deals:

Trident Layers gum (I finally got it! They had some left at the HT on Garrett Rd.) - orig. 1.55, 75 cent cpn x3 = FREE

Lipton Tea Bags (16 ct) - orig. 1.35 - cpn for 50 cents off in today's paper x3 = FREE

Wishbone Salad dressing - orig. 2.99 - cpn for 75 cents off in today's paper x3 = 75 cents (although I could have gotten the smaller bottle for FREE)

Hellman's Mayonnaise - orig. 4.95, sale BOGO (so 2.47 for one) - cpn for 60 cents off in today's paper x3= 67 cents

Betty Crocker mini Warm Delights - orig. 2.55 - cpn for 75 cents off in today's paper x3 = 30 cents - OR printable cpns for 50 cents off x3 = $1.05 - OR 75 cents off 2 cpns inside the packaging x3 = $1.43 each

Dunkin Hines Frosting - orig. 1.45, sale 1.05 - cpn for 55 cents off 2 in today's paper = 50 cents each (saving up for K's birthday cupcakes!)

Ready Whip - orig. 2.79 - no sale but there was a 50 cents off cpn and we have tons of strawberries so I bought some for 1.29

Yoplait Greek Yogurt - 1.19 - cpn for 30 cents off in today's paper x3 = 30 cents

eggland's best eggs - 2.79 - cpn for 35 cents off x3 = 1.74 (need them for easter egg dye-ing)

Paper Cupcake cups - 1.19 - cpn for 25 cents off 2 x3 = 82 cents each (again, cupcake theme)

Jimmy Dean - orig. 3, sale 2.70 - cpn for 75 cents off x3 = 45 cents (I got the lite turkey sausage one)

Colgate advance clean toothpaste - orig. 3.39, sale 2.50 - 75 cents off cpn in today's paper x3 = 25 cents (I know, I have a ton of toothpaste, but I have a worth charity I've been giving it to. Plus, the sale amount before coupon is the amount that counts toward the "healthy smile points" thing they're doing. If you get 40 points before June, you get a catalina for $5 off your next order. All that free toothpaste I got during super doubles got me close. This added 2.5 more points. Just need to "spend" 50 cents more even if I get the next item free with a coupon, and I'll get the catalina, which I will probably have spent a total of about $1 for. sweet!)

Pillsbury cresent rolls, cinnamon rolls, and breadsticks - orig. 2.09 to 2.49 each - sale 3 for $5 or 1.67 each. tons of cpns out there including in todays paper for 40 cents off 2. x3 that makes them 1.06 each. Plus, if you buy 6 you get a catalina print out for $4 off your next order. so technically they are about 40 cents each.

I thought about using the 60 cent cpn off Skippy peanut butter, but it was not on sale. When it goes on sale, that coupon will double anyway and it will be cheaper. These are good things to think about when deciding whether or not to use a coupon. I try not to pay more than $1 for a jar of peanut butter if I can help it.

Also, from yesterday:

Rold Gold Pretzels - orig. 2.99, sale 2.50 - cpn for 55 cents off x3 = 85 cents

Windex - orig. 3.69, sale. 2.99 - cpn for 55 cents off (and winetage or peelie cpns for 55 cents off) x3 = $1.34

Ziploc bags - 2.49 - cpns for 55 cents off = 84 cents per box

Dixie Light brown sugar - 2.25, sale 2.05 - cpn for 50 cents off x3= 55 cents

Dixie granulated sugar - 2.95, sale 2.50 - cpn for 50 cents off x3= $1

Farm Rich Mozzerella bites - 7.59, sale 4.99 - cpn 75 cents off x3 = 2.74

Bridgeford Bread dough - orig. 2.99 - printable cpns for 55 cents off x3 = $1.34 each (great to make pepperoni bread)

International Delight liquid creamer - 1.99 - cpn for 55 cents off x3 = 34 cents

Lysol Cling clips (toilet cleaner things you hang on the bowl) - orig. 2.99 - sale 2.50 - cpns from the "winetags" on the Lysol bottles for 75 cents off x3 = 25 cents each

Sue says there are more than 300 coupons expiring this Wednesday so check your binders/organizers for anything you might want to use before then. But don't use a coupon just because you have it and it's expiring. There are bound to be more!

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