Saturday, October 2, 2010

HT Deals this week PLUS others

FREE Mac n Cheese! Sorry, that was one highlight of this week I wanted to share right away. I spent $116 and saved $80 today. It was a combo of rain checks, coupons, and sales. I also qualified for the P&G pink cookware set - you qualify when you spend $25 on P&G products like Bounty, Pampers, Cascade, Charmin, etc. The catalina printer will print out a mail in form at the check out. There are a whole bunch of P&G coupons out there - if you have the P&G year of savings coupons there are some good ones like $1 off Charmin. If not, you can still get some coupons from the P&G brand saver last Sunday. Also there's a P&G rebate out there so I can get a bunch of $ back.

Don't have time to list all the deals but here are some good ones:

Kraft shredded cheese with Philly Cream Cheese in it - new product that is on sale for BOGO free. I got a BOGO coupon in the mail from HT today too, plus there is a Kraft $1 off two coupon. You have to buy 3, but essentially I got 3 bags of shredded cheese for $2.29 (orig. 3.29 each)

Charmin 12 roll was on sale 5.99 minus $1 off in P&G Year of Saving coupons = 4.99

Bounty 6 big roll on sale 5.77 (eVIC) - cpn for 25 cents off doubles in P&G saver last week - 5.27 (warning, my HT was out of these)

Born Free Eggs are BOGO and cpn for 35 cents off on 9/12 will double

Kraft Mac & Cheese - great sale at 4 for $2, plus you can get an printable coupon if you play the roulette game on the Kraft website. Mine was 55 cents off two which doubled to make my Mac FREE

HT Tissues are 99 cents per box

Grapes are 99 cents a pound as are the Eastern Grown apples

Chicken quarters are 49cents per pound

and, of course, remember the $10 off $50 cpn from Thursday's N&O

OTHER deals:

Great candy deal at Target - Buy two jumbo bags of Mars candy and get a $5 Target gift card. Given that I already had a $5 gift card to Target to use, plus the $1 off two bags of candy in last weeks paper, I essentially got the two big bags for $9.

At CVS, the Oral B Vitality electronic toothbrush, normally $30, is on sale for $23 plus you get $13 extra bucks back. There is also a $10 coupon from the P&G saver last week which makes this toothbrush FREE. One problem, they were totally out when I went to get mine today, so I had to get a raincheck. Hopefully they'll get some back in before my coupon expires - I've always wanted an electric toothbrush. :-)

At Kohls - there was a $10 Gift Cert for Big and Tall clothes this past weekend. Because Big and Tall T-Shirts are on sale for $9.99 - I got a t-shirt for free for D (he wears Large/Tall).

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