Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Costumes - best way to save?

I've been trolling the web for the best deal I can find on a Tinkerbell Costume because my toddler wants to be her for Halloween. I am totally amazed at the number of options there are and the variety of price points. The Disney Store is doing a 40% off costumes sale which is great if all you buy is the costume with no accessories (light up wings, light up shoes, light up wand, and...purse? I wasn't aware fairies carried purses but apparently they keep all their pixie dust in there...) I find myself getting caught up in the hype - it has to have a Tinkerbell Cameo on it, it has to be from the Disney Store, I have to have the SHOES! Meanwhile, I know my little tinker fairy at home could care less as long as wings and a tutu are involved.

This got me thinking, what are YOUR best ways to save on Halloween costumes? My husband says all costumes should be made of cardboard, acrylic paint, and found things around the house (well, as a tinker fairy Tinkerbell would at least approve of the DIY nature of creating your own costume). Other options? Ebay? Craig's List? Coupons/coupon codes? Sew it yourself?

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  1. Please pass on to Dave that we are doing the totally homemade from found objects route this year. Although yesterday he was pushing for a werewolf mask - "wait - doesn't Target have 30% off? And maybe you have a coupon?" I guess I'm training him 1/2 right.
    Thanks for the blog - I enjoy trying to come close to your savings!