Saturday, February 20, 2010

Second Pass - HT super double coupons 2-20-10

Ok - saved another $77 dollars today - I got a lot of my deals at - one of my new fave sites which can get anyone started with "couponing", (great blog), and Southern Savers The links to the printables are on these sites, or you can google them (e.g., type in "soft scrub printable coupons"). Check out Sue Stock's database for where to find the newpaper cpns.

Here are some things I got:

Starbucks frappuccino (individual bottle) - orig. 2.29 - $1 printable coupon at x2 = 29 cents

Soft Scrub bath and bowl cleaner - orig. 3.99 - $1.50 off printable coupon @ x2 = 99 cents

Soft Scrub with bleach - orig. 3.69, sale 2.50 - $1 off coupon (same as above) x2 = 50 cents

Quaker Oats - $2.25 - $1 off printable coupon x2 = 25 cents

Special K crackers - orig. 3.49 sale price 2.99 - $1 off printable x2 = 99 cents (I actually had a rain check for these for the 2.79 price so I got them for 79 cents - K loves the sundried tomato ones)

Welch's white grape juice - orig. 3.89, sale 3.00 - $1 off x 2 = $1

Quilted Northern toilet paper - orig. 9.69 - sale 5.99 - $1 off x2 = 3.99

Oreo Cakesters - orig. 3.49 - sale 2.49 - $1 off printable cpn on Oreo site x 2 = 50 cents (I got two of these because it let me print this coupon a few times - and omg these things are tasty and fattening...)

Electrasol Finish gelpacks (dishwashing detergent) - orig. 5.49, sale 4.99 - $1 off x2 = 2.99

Colgate Sensitive toothpaste - orig. 4.29, sale 2.50 - $1 off cpn x2 = 50 cents (yes, I know what you're thinking. Didn't you just get 8 tubes of aquafresh for free?? Yes, but D uses sensitive toothpaste. I think I'll be donating a few of those other tubes to charity :-) )

DiGiorno Pizza for 1 - orig. 3,49 - $1 off cpn x2 = 1.49

Light n Fit 4 pack - orig. 1.79 - sale price $1 (I think this was eVIC so only 1 at that price) - $1 off 2 cpn x2 = 79 cents for 2 of the 4-packs.

J&J butterfly adhesives - orig. 1.19 - $1 off J&J first aid product x2 = FREE.

Other good deals today:

Plumrose Bacon - BOGO (so $2 each for 16 oz)

HT reclosable bags were 50% off as was HT cooking spray - I got a few rain checks for these because they were out.

Organic HT gallon milk - orig. 5.69 - sale 4.99

One more pass coming probably tomorrow or maybe Monday...I still need to get the Brawny paper towels...

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