Friday, February 5, 2010

Harris Teeter this week 02/05/09

Ok, I thought I was all stocked up last week, but now I'm really stocked up. We're giving a dinner for some college kids through our church next Sunday night (it's taco night!) so I had to get some things for that. But I also saw an opportunity to stock up on a bunch of other things too. All told, I saved about 40% - spent $170 and saved $114.

Remember that for BOGO items, you can buy one at half price and most divided items like $3/5 or 10/$10, you can just buy one at the divided price. For the buy 2 get 3 free deals, though, you have to buy all 5. Some of the good deals:

*** special note - this past week in the paper, there was a Family Dollar flyer with a $5 off a $25 coupon. If you read HTs coupon policy, they take competitors coupons for an amount off the total order (but not for individual items). I used this coupon at HT today to get $5 off my whole order.

Deal of the Week: the eVIC special this week is Bounty paper towels, 6 giant rolls, $5.77 (orig. $10.99). If you do Upromise electronic coupons, you can save an additional $2 for college by linking the coupon to your VIC card. The $2 gets added to your Upromise account. Technically that's $3.77 - a great deal.

Chex Mix (or Chummix as K calls it) - (orig. 2.79 - sale BOGO) - a great week for this stuff. Plenty of printable coupons for 50 cents off that will double, plus some newspaper coupons that are for 50 cents off two in 12/13 and 1/24 Smart Source. With the printables, the final price = 40 cents per bag. - in my HT the "chocolate chex" wasn't part of the sale so you can't use those printable coupons for this deal.

Popsecret popcorn - (orig. 2.99 - sale $1 each) - cpn in 1/31 smart source for $1 off 2 - final price = 50 cents per box.

Cheez-its - (orig. 3.99 - sale BOGO) - cpn in 1/24 smart source for $1 off 2 nabisco snack crackers - final price = $1.50 per box

Smart Balance peanut butter (orig. 2.95 - sale 2.50) cpn in 1/10 Red Plum for $1 off - final price $1.50

M&Ms medium bags(orig. 3.85 - sale $2.50) cpn in 1/10 Red Plum for $1 off 2 - final price = $2 each

Pace salsa and picante sauce - sale 2.50 - cpn in 60 cents on two that doubles 1/31 smart source - final price = $1.90 each (although I swear I used both coupons on only two jars...hmmm. maybe they overrode it thinking it was their mistake instead of mine.

Gatorade G2 (32 oz) - sale 88 cents - cpn 1/10 RP for 50 cents off doubles - final price = FREE

Caribou coffee (orig. 9.99 sale 5.99) - printable coupons for $1 off - final price 4.99

Kraft shredded cheese (orig. 3.29 - sale $2) - cpn 1/24 ss for $1 off 2 - final price = $1.50 each

Dannon yogurt (orig. 67 cents - sale 40 cents each) cpns in 1/3 or 1/31 for $1 off 10 - there are also printables for Light and Fit that are $1 off 6. final price = 30 cents each or 24 cents depending on which cpn.

YoBaby (orig. 3.89, sale 2.99) - no coupons, just a decent price.

Smart Balance spread (orig. 3.19, sale BOGO) - cpn $1 off 2 in 1/10 RP - final price $1.10

Hormel black label bacon - BOGO ($2 each) - this is really thick and delicious bacon, btw.

Yukon Gold Potatoes 5lb bag - orig. 4.99 - sale 3.50

Rex Goliath wines (the one with the huge chicken on it) - they're on sale for 5.99 each - I have one of those half-case wine bags which gets you 5% off your wine purchase. If you get a whole case you can get 10% off. I wish I realized this last week though because there was an eVIC things for 15% off wine.

There are a whole bunch more deals for Super Bowl Party-type foods, so check out Sue Stock's blog for her "Wednesday Deals" post to find out more.

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