Sunday, August 8, 2010

Harris Teeter this week 8/7/10!!!

Spent $144.18, saved $122.64 not including the $5 rebate I have to do for my Sorrento String Cheese.

Just a warning for the MLK store in Durham - a lot of things were mis-tagged yesterday, meaning if you don't get that discount, you might get the item for free. That's what happened with my Mission Tortillas - the tag said 2 for $3, but it rang up as 2.95. They gave me my entire purchase price back. It always pays to check your receipt. Typically I at least scan for items that did not ring up with some kind of sale discount because almost everything I buy is on some kind of VIC special. If it's not, I had to have planned it that way or it rang up wrong. :-)

Please check Sue Stock's Blog Here for which circulars the coupons are in. Remember also that at HT, you can buy just one item at half price if the sale is BOGO.

Other reminders:

"blinkies" are coupons found in the dispensers in the aisles - The could have been in the aisle this week, or I could have pulled them some weeks ago and just kept them. They're called blinkies because there is sometimes a red blinking light on the dispensers.

"peelies" are cpns found stuck to the package. Again, you might use the ones stuck to the package you bought today, or you might just keep them for a later use if you have a better paper coupon.

"tearpad" are cpns found in a thick post-it like pad near an item. There was a big penguin cardboard cut out in the freezer section a few weeks ago with a ton of tearpad coupons for dairy and frozen stuff.

"IP" means "internet printable" coupons, though I may just refer to them as printable. Find them online at,,, or

Most other coupons are from the newspaper unless otherwise noted. Some are home mailings or from magazines.

**Keep in mind, if you are an eVIC member, you will get personal eVIC specials that are just for you. They usually send and email about these on Fridays though they also show up at the bottom of your receipt. You can go to the front desk at the beginning of your shopping trip and ask them to print out your deals for you also (thanks to Lori for this tip!) Sometimes you'll get to try an item for free this way - last week it was HT Slow Churned ice cream for free and this week it's HT Almond butter for me.

On to some of the deals (in no particular order):

Lots of P&G products on on e-VIC special this week and there are tons of cpns out for those. Plus I get a bunch in the mail since I signed up for a rebate with them a few months ago. They include:

Dawn Dish Liquid - orig. 3.19, on eVIC special (limit 1) for 1.77, $1 off coupon for the Olay Hand Renewal type made it 77 cents, there is a 25 cent coupon in last weeks P&G Saver which will double if you don't have the $1 off one.

Tide Laundry Detergent (64 loads) - orig. 14.75, eVIC for 9.97 (limit 1) - $2 off coupon in the most recent Parents magazine = 7.97 - or use the $1 off coupon in the P&G saver

Charmin Big Roll (12) toilet paper - orig. 8.79, eVIC for 5.77 (limit 1)- $1 off coupon I got in the mail, but again, there are other cpns in the paper = 4/77

Bounty 8 BIG rolls - orig. 9.99, eVIC for 5.77 - 25 cents coupon in 8/1 P&G saver doubles to 50 cents = 5.27

I try to pay less than $5 for toilet paper and less than $6 for the paper towels, otherwise I don't fee like it's a good deal. Less than $4 is the best I get for the TP and less than $5 is the best for paper towels

Cascade Action Pacs (love these!!! and the Finish ones too, no getting powder everywhere or splattering the liquid, plus they clean really really well, no spots on glasses) - orig. 7.79, sale 5.99, - I had a $3 off catalina coupon (the ones that print out at the checkout) so it was 2.99 for the pack. There are some other coupons in the P&G Saver though I believe.

Luvs Diapers Jumbo pack are 5.99 this week (normal sale is 6.99, so this is good, especially if you have the $2.50 off coupons they send you in the mail, they're 3.49)

Pampers or Huggies Jumbo pack are 6.97 eVIC special this week (otherwise on sale of 8.99 and originally either 10.99 or 11.99). Limit is 1. Add the $3 off Huggies Snug &Dry printable coupon and it's 3.97 for that pack. or add one of the P&G savers pampers coupons for $1 or $1.50 off. Less than $4 for a jumbo pack of diapers is a good deal in general.

Kelloggs Mini Wheats, little bites (K loves these) - all Kellogs cereals are 50 % off. The small boxes of Mini Wheats were orig. 3.49, on sale for $1.77, plus $1 off 3 coupon = about $1.44 per box. Close to $1 per box (or less) for cereal is what I try to aim for, then I stock up. It lasts for about a year usually.

Furmano 28oz diced tomatoes are BOGO - couldn't find a coupon, but this is still a decent deal for making cheap chili - orig. 2.20, sale 1.10

Peter Pan peanut butter - orig. 2.49, sale 1.67, cpn for 60 cents off on 8/1 doubles to 1.20 off = 47 cents

Orville Redenbacher popcorn - orig. 2.99, sale 1.49 (BOGO) - cpn for 40 cents off on 8/1 doubles to 80 cents = 69 cents (we like the Naturals variety, especially the simply salt 50% less fat version)

Kraft Mac n Cheese Explosion - orig. 1.35 per box, personal eVIC special of 5 for $5 (limit 5) - I had blinkie coupons for 55 cents off 2 of this variety, and these doubled. So I bought 4 at 45 cents per box.

HT Facial Tissue - orig. 1.49 per box, eVIC = 57 cents (limit 1)

Blue Dog Natural Dog Treats (20 oz) - BOGO - orig. 4.75, sale 2.37

Gillette Fusion Procare after shave lotion - orig. 7.99, sale 4.99, coupon for $2 off = 2.99

Loreal True Match Foundation makeup - orig. 10.99, sale 6.99, cpn for $2 off = 4.99

Herbal Essences haircare products - orig. 3.99, sale 2 for $5, cpn for BOGO made them 1.25 each for 2 (I got the mousse)

Angus NY Strip steak (on sale for 6.99 per lb, usually 10.99) - for example, orig. 12.86, sale 8.18

Pork Baby Back Ribs (on sale for 2.99 per lb, usually 6.99) - for example, orig. 16.38, sale 8.40 (having this for dinner tonight with a nice southwestern rub, yum!)

Fresh Mozzerella (on sale for 4.99 per lb) - for example, orig. 6.39, sale 3.19. (we're having homemade pizza this week)

Nature's Own Whole Grain bread is 1.99 - printable coupon for 75cents off doubles to 1.50 = 49 cents (I love that I rarely pay more than 50 cents for bread anymore). You can use this printable on any natures own though it says it's for the premium specialty breads.

PEACHES - eastern grown are on a great sale, 49 cents per lb. For the 2.81 lbs of peaches I bought, it would have been 5.03 normally, I paid $1.38. Always look for in-season local produce.

Bartlett pears - on sale for 1.49 per lb (we're making the poached pear recipe in the the Food Network magazine this past month - looks yummy! and easy, you use the microwave. This is how I make baked apples too - great with some cool whip or vanilla ice cream as a dessert)

Organic Strawberries - were on sale for $3 per lb. same as the conventional strawberries. I got a raincheck because they were out.

Broccoli crowns are 1.79

Hot house cucumbers - orig. 2.49, sale 1.50

White Potatoes (5lb) orig. 3.99, sale 3.49 (not great, but the only potato sale, we made hash browns this morning)

Zucchini and yellow squash on sale for 99 cents/lb - for example, orig. 2.69, sale 1.31

Sorrento string cheese - orig. 4.99, sale 3.99 - plus 65 cents off 2 tearpad coupon from the Penguin, doubled to 1.30 off 2 - 3.34 each, plus I have a $5 rebate off 2 form which was a peelie on a previous pkg of sorrento string cheese. So I'll essentially get them for 84 cents each

Dannon Yogurt - orig. 75 cents each, sale 6 for $4 (or 67 cents each) - plus $1 off 10 cpn = 57 cents each

YoKids Stonyfield 6pck yogurt - orig. 3.99, sale 2.99, cpn for $1 off on Stonyfield website = 1.99

Oscar Meyer Angus Beef Franks - orig. 5.49, sale 2 for $8, cpn for $1 off 2 = 3.50 each

I also had a catalina coupon for a Free HT hand sanatizer :-)

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