Saturday, April 10, 2010

HT this week 4/10/10

I spent $109.89 today and saved $65.17 plus there were peelie's on my string cheese for $5 rebates off two string cheese packages so those were a money maker today (shake it!) I'm stocking up on some things for K's party coming up in two weeks.

some deals:

Chicken-breast halves (bone-in) are 97 cents a pound (usually 1.97) so you get three in a package for about $3, plus there are wine tags on the Rex Goliath wine bottles for $1 off chicken. No wine purchase required.

Ball Park Hot Dogs are BOGO plus there were coupons in 3/14 red plum

Hefty One Zip freezer bags- orig. 2.99 - BOGO (so one is $1.50) - peelie cpns on the box for 20 cents off (they don't double though) - Final = $1.30 each

Betty Crocker Warm Delights - orig. 2.55, sale 3 for $5 (or $1.67 each) - printable cpns for 50 cents x2 = 67 each or 75 cents off 2 cpns inside previous packages of the minis x2 = 92 cents

Orville Redenbacher popcorn - orig. 3.15 - BOGO (so one is 1.58) - 40 cent cpn in 3/18 SS x2 = 78 cents

CocaCola fridge packs are BOGO

Strawberries are only $1.25 per qt

Newman's Own 100% whole wheat bread orig. 2.79, sale BOGO (or 1.39 for one) - 75 cents off printable coupon = FREE

Sorrento String Cheese - orig. 4.99, sale BOGO (or 2.49 for one) - peelie rebate for $5 off two makes them FREE

Land O Lakes Half and Half pt - 1.79 - 45 cent cpn x2 = .89 cents

HT Milk - orig. 2.99, on sale 1.99 :-)

Don't forget about the special programs -

A great one right now - new or transferred prescriptions to the Pharmacy will get you a $20 credit for EACH prescription up to 5 precriptions. That's up to $100 off!

Healthy Smile Points - get 1 point per dollar spent on oral care stuff - collect 40 points before June 1st and get $5 off your next order. These points collect based on original prices not sale prices or prices after coupons. All that free or cheap toothpaste counts!

Diaper points which will get you $10 off your next order if you "spend" 50.

Dannon points which will get you $3 off your next order if you "spend" 20 (lots of coupons for these)

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