Monday, December 14, 2009

W00t! - amazing limited time/limited quantity deals

My husband, D, is into these websites that have amazing limited time (like only hours to buy)/limited quantity offers on things - the sites are called Woot! sites. For those who don't speak nerd, W00t! is a nerdy, computer geek, Internet slang exclamation for "awesome!" "sweet!" or "this is quite a good thing, indeed!" - the sites are: - this site is mainly for electronic gadgets, and sometimes pretty cool ones! - D's personal favorite - we frequently get cases of really great wine that would retail for $16 or more per bottle for $10 a bottle or less. Your state must allow shipping of alcohol from out of state though so check into it. - this is great for all you parents out there looking for great x-mas gifts on the cheap - $5 shipping on all Woots - this one is my most recently discovered site - it is a community site so people post their best deals they've found on here and critique the deals too (e.g., tell you whether it's really a good price, where you could get it cheaper, or if it's a good product)

Just try to keep in mind: Don't "Over-Woot" it. That "bacon-flavored" salt may seem like a tasty deal for only $2 at the time, but there will be another great deal tomorrow you may not be able to pass up. Might be a good idea to keep a W00t budget (or at least a monthly wine budget). And yes, the bacon-flavored salt was a real thing, and no, it's not as tasty as it sounds.

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